Death of Junior 3 in Jingdezhen Senior High School: Should students be punished for using mobile phones in school?

 Death of Junior 3 in Jingdezhen Senior High School: Should students be punished for using mobile phones in school?

This may not be a question of whether it is strictly forbidden or not.

Only when his son said goodbye to the world did Shu Xin realize that what he promised his children was not done - Shu Yipeng never returned to school.

Save the child again! The ambulance came, Shu Xin pleaded. His sons pupil was not fully spread, his heartbeat stopped, and white foam was pouring out of his mouth. After six cardiopulmonary resuscitations, the vital signs were still absent. Shu Yipeng, a 17-year-old boy, was declared to have committed suicide by taking pesticides.

The time of death was in the early morning of November 30. That was the 20th day after Shu Yipeng, a senior high school student in Changjiang No. 1 Middle School, was taken home by his parents at the request of his head teacher to quit cell phone addiction. Since July this year, the teenager in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, was asked to suspend classes three times because he was playing with his mobile phone in school. In the classroom where he left, similar disciplinary measures were not a case in point.

Perhaps 1000 educators will give 1000 opinions and interventions when students use mobile phones in school. In August this year, the Ministry of Education and other eight departments jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia among Children and Adolescents, which clearly pointed out that scientific and rational use of electronic products. To guide students to use electronic products scientifically and regularly, and to develop good learning and eye hygiene habits in the information environment. It is strictly forbidden for students to bring personal mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products into the classroom... Many places in China have also issued regulations to prohibit students from using mobile phones in schools. Just this month, China Youth Daily published a in-depth report entitled This screen may change fate, detailing 248 middle schools in poverty-stricken areas through live broadcasting and simultaneous classes at Chengdu No. 7 Middle School, which triggered a heated discussion among many netizens about the education gap. The article describes the situation of mobile phones appearing in Chengdu No. 7 Middle School: They are allowed to carry mobile phones and tablets to receive teaching materials. When the teacher shows important points of knowledge, the students brush and take pictures with them. Sun Hongyan, director of the Institute for Children and Adolescents of the China Youth Research Center, said in detail that it was not unusual for students to pick up their mobile phones to shoot teacherscourseware in class at her daughters high school attached to the Peoples Congress.

For every educator and individual educated, this may not be a strictly forbidden judgment.


Shu Xins mobile phone, there is a Shu Yipeng examination pass. This is the afternoon before the death of the child, the teacher in charge of the class sent from the Wechat, no additional message. Shu Xin gave the child a look with his mobile phone, but Shu Yipeng did not speak.

If the tragedy does not happen, on the third day after receiving the admission card, he will walk into the examination room of the high school graduation examination like his classmates.

After 19 days of walking, Shu Xins car had never been washed: the carpet and the car door were covered with thick dirt. During the continuous rainy days in Jingdezhen, Shu Xin especially slowed down his driving speed to ensure safety.

More than a month ago, the fourth day the child was suspended from school, it was in this car that the father and son sat side by side. When the father saw his son in a low mood, he comforted him by saying, You just have to review at home and stop using your mobile phone. The teacher will let you go back to school... Shu Xin saw his son bite his lip, nod slightly, and still did not speak.

According to Shu Xins assumption, even if the child can not go to school, but every day under his nose to work with him, take care of it, nothing will happen.

These days, Shu Xin did not talk to anyone in his family. He often woke up in the middle of the night and looked for his son everywhere. When you wake up, its also a time of despair. In the corner of the house, there is also an insulating cup with pesticides before Shu Yipengs death. There is purple juice on the wall and an empty bag of pesticides beside the cup.

I still dont understand why he left... Shu Xin hides his face.

On the evening of November 28, the father told his son, The grapefruit tree in front of our house is always stolen. You are the tallest. Go and pick the grapefruit and leave it at home. Shu Yipeng, 187 centimeters tall and weighing more than 100 kilograms, was encouraged to pick up more than a dozen grapefruit overnight.

Facing the teenagers who were asked by teachers to go home to quit cell phone addiction, the family carefully created a mild and relaxed atmosphere.

The evening of November 29 was the last night of family. At dinner, Shu Yipeng laughed and talked with his grandmother about what to eat tomorrow: noodles, eggs, vegetables in his field - Shu Yipeng never eats meat since childhood, so his family always cooks in duplicate, and the one without meat is cooked for Shu Yipeng alone.

After dinner, Shu Xin returned to the farm to work overtime. Grandma was at home with her children, and she found that the only difference that night was that her grandson slept more than an hour earlier than usual.

The family fell into a strong self-blame: Grandma blamed herself for not going to the bedroom in the middle of the night as usual; Father blamed herself, why not go to the teacher several times more and let the children return to school earlier?

On the afternoon of the childs death, Shu Xin took his wife and niece to school to find Shu Yipeng. He went straight to his sons class and did not tell his classmates the news of Shu Yipengs death.

From the studentsmouth, he knew that before his son, three or four classmates had been suspended at home by the head teacher because they played with mobile phones, and had not returned to school. The longest child at home has discontinued classes intermittently since June.

Shu Xin found Xiao Jie, Shu Yipengs good friend. Xiaojie came up to ask Shu Yipeng about the situation, because Shu Yipeng did not reply to his QQ message in the 20 days he returned home, which seems to Xiaojie abnormal.

Did Shu Yipeng find it? The couple returned home and received a letter from Xiaojie.

Faced with the inquiries of his children and friends, Shu Xin did not know how to answer for a moment, and then answered a short sentence: He left, we can not find him.

Mobile phone

A large screen cell phone with a light golden color was placed on the tea table of Shujia. It was carefully picked up, wiped and lowered by Lu He-rong.

For the mother, after her son left, the cell phone was burning with eyes and hearts. It was the cell phone that Shu Yipeng had been using at school until he was suspended from school for the third time on November 10 and returned home by his teacher.

This summer, Lu He-rong accidentally broke his cell phone and left it in the corner at will, but one day he was quietly turned over by Shu Yipeng. Later, Shu Yipeng explained that the mobile phone was repaired by changing the screen with his friends in class. After that, they shared the right to use the mobile phone.

In fact, before using his mothers old mobile phone, Shu Yipeng had his mobile phone, which his father offered to buy for his children when he was a sophomore in senior high school.

In his fathers vision, adding a mobile phone is like adding a computer to a childs first year of high school, and the length of use is within control. For example, the father will stipulate that children use computers for no more than one hour a day; for example, after 10 oclock every night, Shu Yipeng must put his mobile phone in front of the bedside table in his parentsbedroom, and can not take it to school during the day.

One day, however, my father found out, I dont know where he got a cell phone that looks like it and put it on our bedside...

At the end of July this year, because Shu Yipeng plays with his mobile phone in school, the teacher asked Lu He-rong to take the children home for reflection, and the mobile phone was temporarily withheld by the teacher. Two or three days later, parents returned to school with their children and certificates. Its absolutely wrong to bring a smartphone to school... If you make the mistake of bringing your smartphone to school again in the future, take your book home for the exam.

In the afternoon of August 31, Shu Xin received the school document Mobile Phone Management Sue Parents Letter and Initiative on Banning Smart Phone forwarded by the head teacher in the class parent group. The former lists a number of mobile phone hazards: affecting the teaching order, puppy love, making bad social youth, using mobile phones to cheat, forming a climate of comparison... And in the treatment, it is mentioned that students who carry mobile phones and fail to change or obey the schools discipline will be ordered to go to school to cooperate with the school for education and sign relevant agreements with the school, and those who are serious will be persuaded to withdraw.

After that, Shu Yipeng was invited back home by the head teacher for playing with his mobile phone. The class was suspended for about a week. A family of three had no choice but to go to the head teachers house to apologize.

After the children returned to school, Shu Xin, who worked in his hometown farm in the countryside, was often nervous. He always calls his wife and tells her that before the children go to school and go out, they should check whether they have mobile phones on them.

However, similar versions of the story continue to occur: children playing with mobile phones in English classes are reported by teachers. On the evening of November 10, the head teacher ordered Shu Yipeng to take all books and review materials from the classroom. Lu He Rong remembered that when the head teacher let the children go home for introspection, he said a heavy word: Youve read the book to the very end! uuuuuuuuu

Because Shu Yipeng did not drop out at that time, Shu Xin believed that the teacher is a warning to the children and was not too anxious.

Shu Yipeng was taken back to his hometown in the countryside by Shu Xin. In these 20 days, family members still have no desire to forbid Shu Yipeng to use his mobile phone occasionally. Its okay to relax occasionally after dinner. Shu Xin said.

What on earth are children doing with mobile phones? Schools in the tragedy to reporters after the situation showed that Shu Yipeng played King Glory; and Shu Yipeng acquaintances with two classmates said, He is an otaku man, often playing single-player games.

Playing mobile phones may be a way for Shu Yipeng, who is not extroverted. As his friends and reporters mentioned when talking about him, I like to play with him because he is optimistic and knows a lot of online games.

My friend wrote down Shu Yipengs favorite animation character Luo Tianyi in his lifetime -- This is a 15-year-old girl who is full of emotion, looks a little rash and likes eating. She is introverted and has compassion for others... Reporters told Changjiang No. 1 Middle School several teachers this information, they have come to check. We also want to know about the childs spiritual world. A teacher said.

However, everything can only be seen in the fog.


Shu Yipengs QQ space stays on the 164th day of reciting words with Baicichong software, the day before his third summer vacation in Senior Two, which shows that he recited 37 words that day. And the signature of the space page stays in the word persuasion.

There is a custom in Shuxins hometown: when people leave, they burn everything they have used. Shu Xin did not have the heart, but left behind the test papers and tutorials that the children had done. In a hemp bag reference book, he found three brand-new Xueba Notes, which the child offered to buy on the eighth day of reviewing at home.

On the day of leaving school, Shu Yipengs learning heart was quickly catalyzed. In Shu Xins memory, it seems that Shu Yipeng missed a large simulated exam during the suspension of class. He sat on the sofa at home and said to himself, Should I go to the next simulated exam?

Shu Yipengs Changjiang No. 1 Middle School is located at the edge of Jingdezhen City, and is the only key middle school in Changjiang District. There are many factories around, so Changjiang No. 1 Middle School brings together many ordinary wage earners and children from rural families.

Our family dotes on children very much. Shu Yipengs sister studies abroad at her own expense as a graduate student. When talking about the parentseducational attitude toward sister and brother, she described it as responding to every request.

The Three Movements of Meng Mu version of modern society has been staged in this family. When Shu Yipeng Primary School was in the fourth grade, Shu Xins factory moved to the suburbs near Jingdezhen Airport. There were no good schools around it. Shu Xin took the children back to the best primary school in Leping, his old home, and bought the first suite of the family near the school, accompanied by his grandparents. Shortly afterwards, Shu Xin spent more than 60,000 yuan to buy a car so that he could go back to look after his children every week. When Shu Yipeng was a junior high school student, Shu Xin sold his house in Leping and bought a school district house in the city.

Unfortunately, after entering high school, Shu Yipeng no longer ranks the top in his class. Whether a child is suitable for reading or not has been a problem for Shu Xin.

Shu Yipeng scored more than 10 points in English in his sophomore year of senior high school. Shu Xin asked his son if he wanted to find another way out. Shu Yipeng answered, I want to read. I cant do anything except reading.

As for the childrens happy days, the fathers memory is also related to the results - in the third year of junior high school, the principal named the top 200 children and praised them as the most promising high school entrance examination. Shu Yipeng was on the list. After returning home, he talked with his parents for a long time.

Shu Xin still remembers that Shu Yipeng got the first place in his class in a monthly exam in his third year of senior high school. When the teacher asked, he found that he had copied other peoples answers in the exam. The father recalled that the child was somewhat dissatisfied when he mentioned those students who cheated to get high marks. At that time, Shu Xin warned the children that I would rather you were always in the middle of the class than cheating on yourself.

If it is not academic pressure or family contradiction, what is the last straw to crush Shu Yipeng?

Just because you cant go back to school? Schools are places for students to learn, and the doors of schools and classes are always open to them. This is an explanation from the public number of Changjiang No. 1 Middle School. Shu Xin denies this.

November 13 is the day to fill in the college entrance examination volunteers. At his mothers advice, Shu Yipeng went to school. At the same time, my father went to the head teacher. According to Shu Xin, he wanted to let the children go back to school, but failed to negotiate with the teacher. If the doors of schools and classes were always open to him, how could I not send my children to school? Shu Xin retorted.

Are there any other signs of tragedy? On the desk of Shu Yipengs family, the reporter found a white paper with the words ugly on the front and beautiful on the back. The parents said it was used by their son and his classmates in video chat. Sister Shu Yipeng said that her brother was inferior to his looks, especially after he became fat in adolescence.

In May this year, a classmate who likes to nickname someone used fat pig to tease Shu Yipeng, who is very big. Shu Yipeng was irritated and pushed his classmate into the toilet with a sudden push. The emotional outbreak was quickly forgotten after the teachers simple counseling, and it was recalled by Lu He-rong again after the childs death.

There are so many children who use mobile phones in school. Why is it my son who has had an accident? Lu Horongs voice was hoarse and small. She asked herself more than once.


After learning about Shu Yipengs death, Chen Botaos mother, a senior high school student in Changjiang No. 1 Middle School, hardly shut her eyes all night - her children and Shu Yipengs experiences are very similar. Chen Botao was found playing mobile phone twice in class and was suspended for several months.

Compared with Shu Yipengs family, Chen Botaos parental discipline is much more extensive. Cell phones dont know how many they fell. Chen Botaos mother told reporters.

In our study, we found that in families where parents support childrens access to information via mobile phones, the rate of childrens Internet addiction is much lower than that in families where parents object to their childrens use of mobile phones. Sun Hongyans research team found that 6.7% of adolescents had Internet addiction tendency in the survey of more than 6,000 families. This part of internet addiction teenagers has amazingly similar growth characteristics.

Chen Botaos use of mobile phones in class began when he failed to keep up with the progress of Science in the first semester of senior high school.

Sometimes I just pick up a pen and I dont understand it. Playing mobile phones will not interfere with other students at least. Its also interesting. Chen Botao said.

In Changjiang No. 1 Middle School, how many children have ever used mobile phones in school? No one can accurately count. Reporters found Shu Yipengs first review book written after the discovery of mobile phone use in school - Xiaofeng was watching me play mobile phone, Xiaowang was listening to music, Xiaozhou was watching Xiaozhang play mobile phone... This is Shu Yipengs eyes, a quiet noon class.

Our teachers patience and tolerance in the management of mobile phones are far beyond your imagination. A teacher in charge of moral education in Changjiang Middle School told reporters, I have seen some students whose parents have collected their mobile phones and threatened them with jumping from a building.

The proposal by the school that students should ban mobile phones in an all-round way simplifies the complex problems. Students must be involved as subjects. Schools, students and parents, after discussion, reach a consensus and agree on the time limit, occasion and function of mobile phone use, which is the efficient rule, but also the embodiment of the right of minors to participate. Sun Yunxiao, the chief expert and researcher of family education in China Youth Research Center, believes that mobile phones are not only regarded as entertainment tools by middle school students. The middle school students stage is a stage of group socialization. They are very concerned about the relationship between peers and peersevaluation of themselves. Mobile phones are also tools for their socialization.

Chen Botao said frankly: I definitely want to go back to school, but since then let me not use mobile phones in school, to be honest, I can not guarantee it.

For middle school students nowadays, mobile phone means a kind of growth environment to some extent. Sun Hongyan and her collaborators surveyed the use of mobile phones among middle school students in urban and rural areas in 10 provinces 10 years apart. In 2015, the mobile phone ownership rate of middle school students was 64%, and this figure was 8% in 2005.

The results also show that besides answering calls, the top function is social networking, while the proportion of playing games is almost close to the digital reading option, which is 33.3%, not the hottest option.

In the days when This Screen May Change Fate was brushed on the screen, the public warmly discussed the reality of the gap in education level, and moaned that students in underdeveloped areas could change their destiny through modern communication.

What does the electronic information product represented by a screen bring to education? Is it a shock or the possibility of a new educational model?

Up to now, Shu Xin is still tolerant about childrens use of mobile phones: As long as children are not addicted to it.

Shu Xin thought that he would go to school in two days to return to Shu Yipengs cell phone, which was temporarily detained by the teacher.

This cell phone is a memorial for my children. He said.

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