How many ofo users ranked 3578 have received the deposit?

 How many ofo users ranked 3578 have received the deposit?

IT Home announced its latest deposit refund policy the day before December 19. Ofo said that the background system will review and collect relevant information according to the order of application submission. After verification, users will enter the deposit refund sequence, and ofo will refund in order.

After pretending that foreigners will refund their deposits in seconds, the number of people in the queue of the ofo deposit refund system went on the hot search again. After waiting for a long time, we finally saw that the promising ofo users flooded into the refund registration system. At about 20 oclock last night, the number of ofo deposit refund users queued had exceeded 10 million. If it is calculated at 99 yuan per person, the deposit of ofo needs to be refunded at 900 million yuan. If it is calculated at 199 yuan per person, the total amount of deposit that ofo needs to refund is as high as 1.99 billion yuan.

According to Pear Video, the 3578 users who were waiting in the ofo queue for the deposit refund yesterday have received the deposit. How many places do you rank?

Source: IT Home Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056