The advantages and disadvantages of online schools are those young people who are not lit up by the screen.

 The advantages and disadvantages of online schools are those young people who are not lit up by the screen.

Sichuan Yibin Gaoxian Middle School Enrolled in 2003

Reading live webcast classes should be the last thing I regret in my life. It turned me from a top student to a slag.

I was the first group to read live webcast classes in our high school at that time. Before high school, I heard that the school spent 300,000 yuan on this class, listening to the lessons of Chengdu No. 7 Middle School. Chengdu No. 7 Middle School is a mythical school. Many people want to go, but they dont want to go all the way.

The school has two network classes, one is the key class, the other is the ordinary class, the key class is the students with good grades. I did well at that time, but the key class was marked 529 points. I got 519 points in the exam, so I entered the ordinary class. When entering the class, it is the second in the class.

Although the network classes are allocated to all subjects with teachers, teachers, regardless of us, often do not come to class and study. Teachers believe that the studentsgrades are not related to him, it is the credit of the distant teachers, there is not much sense of responsibility.

Many people have poor self-control and cant adapt to this way of teaching. Class is very boring, curtains are pulled, quiet, students are staring at a screen, it is easy to doze, but also difficult to keep up with the rhythm of Chengdu No. 7 Middle School. Teachers there may spend a class on the math and physics of the contest, which is beyond the scope of the college entrance examination. For us, that class is in vain.

The scene that impressed me most was falling asleep in class - not that we wanted to sleep, but that we didnt understand at all. If you dont sleep, do your own exercises and read books.

Once, all distant schools and Chengdu No. 7 Middle School ranked together in the exam. We were not interested in it. Anyway, they were all very backward. In the end, we are numb. How can we get over it? We have a classmate in our class and a classmate in Chengdu No. 7 Middle School is a junior high school classmate. We just know that even if they get good grades, there are family tutors at home. For our small county, it is unrealistic for every family to ask for a tutor. In the end, the college entrance examination in our class was very poor. Only one of our classmates got three copies, and did not go after the scores came down.

I often dream, dream back to the first high school, found that read the live class, crying everywhere to find teachers to change classes. At that time, I went to study for good resources, and got good grades. I was hoping for a little. Finally, I went to a specialty.

This article caused a lot of sensation, and many people commented that this model is good, I think its very strange. Now I have relatives and colleagues around me who are trying to get their children into live classes. I really recommend that they be careful.

Luo Qian Yu

Sichuan Yibin Gaoxian Middle School Enrolled in 2003

At that time, I entered the key online classes through grade screening, but I gave up after a year of study.

I am used to the traditional mode of education, based on books, repeated practice, belongs to memory training. And network teaching is the sharing of high-quality resources, there is a certain threshold, it is obvious that my starting point is slightly low, can not keep up with the rhythm.

At that time, the course was broadcast live synchronously and could not be recorded and replayed. The teaching rhythm of Chengdu No. 7 Middle School is faster than ours. When we took the first half of the course, only one third of the students who did not attend the live class in our school learned it.

We have teachers all the way, students are not lazy and lazy, homework is matched at the same time. But sometimes I feel confused after a class, and I dont know what questions I should ask my offline teacher. Offline teachers can only take care of the majority. When the teacher asked him which of the five knowledge points he had just learned did not understand, he chose what most people did not understand.

The online class really opened up my world. At that time, we seldom watched TV, and the outside information was closed. The live classes in Chengdu No. 7 Middle School are also irrelevant. We cant understand Miyazaki Hayao and Junji Iwai when we listen to the students there. We only remember the windmill.

If your imagination is poor, online courses have great advantages. At that time, the head teacher of Chengdu No. 7 Middle School gave a text, My Air Pavilion and made a rough flash to simulate the appearance of the air pavilion, which was very cool at that time. Flash comes with music, so many years later, I remember this article.

Later I dropped out of the regular class, but my grades fell even worse. Because there is pressure in the network class, the ordinary class does not. Now, in retrospect, that pressure is right. If at that age, there is no pressure and tension, it is easy to fall behind. Later, when I arrived in Beijing, I realized that what a person needs is vision, but without the score of the college entrance examination, you cant reach it.

It can be said that choosing to quit is my lifes mistake and lifes mistake.

I still remember the name of the monitor of Chengdu No. 7 Middle School at that time. Once the monitor did not do his homework, the teacher said, you can go to read next door without writing. Many years later, I learned that Chuan Da was next door.

But only two of us were admitted to Sichuan University that year.

Wu Man (alias)

A County in northern Sichuan enrolled in middle school in 2013 and was admitted to Tsinghua University in 2017 through the special national plan.

I come from a small county in northern Sichuan. Following Chengdu No. 7 Middle School, I took online classes for three years. There are many gains and many regrets.

What impressed me most was that Michelle Obama came to Chengdu No. 7 Middle School to exchange views, which was broadcast live all the way. We were shocked that one of the students of No. 7 Middle School in Chengdu had taken off his manuscript and introduced it in full English on the rostrum. Sometimes we also receive publications run by the students of No. 7 Middle School, in which students participate in various competitions and have a lot of community activities.

But when we look at that screen, we are more spectators and less involved.

I used to be a very autistic person, but once in the evening math exercises class, the teacher miscalculated, I suddenly raised my hand, the teacher let me go to the blackboard to talk. It gave me a lot of confidence. Later, when I was pushed to be the representative of the math class, my math scores were getting better and better. I think this interaction is still important.

I think back on my way to study and think that I can get into Tsinghua not only because of the live course, but also because of the efforts of myself and our teachers.

Online classes are more open to me and face the reality directly.

The role of confronting reality is also twofold. If the family background and external environment do not look at, just look at the score, there are gaps. Even if we can catch up with the same score level, there is still a big gap in the overall quality.

The students in Chengdu No. 7 Middle School seem to be much more relaxed and have a rich knowledge reserve. For example, they can write poems directly in the special course of poetry. After class, its obvious that there will be more activity there. Everyone will fight with each other. In our class, we pull the curtains and turn off the lights. The projector is not very effective and the color is blurred. After watching for a long time, I was very tired. Most of my classmates were myopic at the end of Senior Three. After class, most of the time I sleep on my stomach, so I need to be depressed.

Our live broadcasting class is a separate building, and other classes are farther away, the time is also followed by Chengdu No. 7 Middle School. In the first year of senior high school, the headmaster came to our class specially to select a place in Qingbei for everyone to strive for.

But I can feel the atmosphere of class effort is declining, there is Matthew effect. The highest score in our first year of high school is 520, and the lowest score is 480. Thats about the same. But three years later, the highest score was more than 600, and the lowest score was 480. Studentsassociations with strong initiative and self-control are prominent, and almost will continue to decline and lose.

I think the evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of live classes depends on the level of students themselves. If the local high school itself has a test level of 600 points, then live classes are very useful. If the gap is too big and it is out of line with the existing level of knowledge, it may not be able to cross that threshold.

Finally, 48 students in our class took the college entrance examination. Half of them went to one line and all 48 went to undergraduate level.

If I hadnt taken this online class, I might have got a good result. It is silent learning, active questioning in the classroom, confined to the small world of the county. But if I dont go online, I cant just measure my grades. If I dont, I wont hear the current affairs broadcasting on the other side of the screen. I wont touch the writing of poetry and the construction of the system. I wont know the different ways of thinking provided by my teachers.

Intern Yuan Wenfangs Interview Source: China Youth Daily

December 19, 2018, 11 Edition

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