Your struggle will be great! Kobes famous words must be remembered.

 Your struggle will be great! Kobes famous words must be remembered.

Bryant fought for 20 years with the Lakers and won five championships, making him a city hero throughout Los Angeles. His legend has not faded from retirement, and even though he has been away from the Lakers for three years, Los Angeles fans still miss him.

Until now, Kobe has become a synonym for the spirit of struggle. Anyone who never gives up on the pitch and trains outside the pitch day and night will be regarded as the inheritor of the Mamba Spirit. Bryants wisdom in life has really influenced more than a generation of players.

When Kobe Bryant was very young, he regarded basketball as his best partner. Basketball is not only a refuge for me, but also a channel for me to vent my depression and heal those frustrations caused by different things in my heart.

He has always encouraged other players not to be afraid of being different or showing their personality. He once said to Dramond Green, 98% of people are willing to mediocrity. But Green should not fall into self-doubt because of criticism. Those who try to belittle me will only make my fighting spirit more burning.

Desire defines my life. Ive always been hungry for victory. Its like blood rushing through my veins. The mountains I climbed are now in front of me. I know how difficult it is, how much sacrifice it will make, and how many people will question it. I accept this challenge and get motivation from it. Challenges allow me to find goals and inspiration, and define my life.

Bryant loves writing. He says he wrote most of the advertising slogans, such as Friends sometimes disappear, but the banner of the champion lasts forever and Conquer after endurance.

Before Dear Basketball, Bryant also wrote a poem about basketball. At that time, he had just stepped out of the downturn of his life and played a single 81-point performance.

Love me or hate me, you can only choose one, has always been the case. Hate my game, my pride; hate my back, my desire. Hate that I am an experienced veteran and a champion. Do your best to hate me, because I am loved for the same reason.

Kobe Bryant has received more love or hatred in his 20-year career, and no one can accurately measure the results. But the memory of his glory in the Lakers will never be forgotten.