Longhui Disposal of Free Milk for Poor Students: Implementing Supply Enterprises to Rectify

 Longhui Disposal of Free Milk for Poor Students: Implementing Supply Enterprises to Rectify

Students in poverty-stricken counties poured out free milk, and the school said it was too cold to drink.

There is a new progress in Hunans Poor County Students Dump Free Milk.

On December 19, Longhui County official responded to the incident by Longhui County News Network, saying that the local county Party committee and county government set up a joint investigation team to instruct supply enterprises to rectify and provide differentiated services.

Peng Mei News reported on December 18 that in mid-December, a video of a primary school student in Longhui County, Shaoyang, Hunan pouring nutritious milk into a ditch attracted wide attention.

Video captured by Peng Mei News shows several pupil-like children squatting at the edge of the ditch extruding boxed milk with the brand Xiangmei, which shows a milky white.

The principal of Luohong Central Primary School in Longhui County, Hunan Province, who was surnamed Zeng, recently responded to the surging news that studentsnutritional meals were distributed uniformly by the county and eaten at the same time. The reason why students pour out their milk is that the weather is too cold and some students cant finish drinking, so they are afraid that they will pour out after the expiration date.

Zeng said that parents of some students reported that their children had eaten milk produced several months ago. Later, the survey found that some children put milk in their schoolbags and put it in their school bags for several months before eating it. The school feels that there is a hidden danger for students to take milk back. Therefore, it requires that students eat milk at school and not take it home.

In response to a students parents questioning milk quality affects eating, Zeng denied. For students who cant finish pouring milk, the school considers that the next step is to let the students take the unfinished milk home and eat it under the supervision of their parents. For example, if you write your name on the milk carton and take it back with you, you must urge the students to drink it in time. Zeng said.

According to public data, Longhui County is located in the southwest of central Hunan, with a total population of 128,000. It is a state-level poverty-stricken county and a special difficult area in Wulingshan area. The Xiangmei milk for students is produced by Hunan Xiangmei Dairy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangmei Dairy). Enterprise official website introduction. The company is headquartered in Longhui County Chengnan Industrial Park, covering an area of 45 mu. It is the only designated production enterprise of student milk in central and southern Hunan.

Longhui officials responded through Longhui News Network that the milk poured by students reflected the countys problems in the management and service of studentsnutritional lunch supply. In this regard, Longhui County Party Committee and county government attach great importance to the establishment of a joint investigation team to investigate immediately. Educational authorities are instructed to coordinate with supply enterprises to rectify immediately, improve service quality and provide differentiated services. Educational authorities are also instructed to strengthen policy propaganda for studentsnutritional milk and to strengthen education and guidance for students.

Students in poor counties pour free milk into drainage ditches

Students in poor counties pour milk into ditches video hot, December 17, Longhui County, a primary school principal responded that students can not drink milk in winter, afraid of expiration before pouring. Parents said that being poured milk is a free nutritional meal issued by the government.