Five hundred days without a principal, Taiwanese University wants to apply for the Guinness Record for this glory

 Five hundred days without a principal, Taiwanese University wants to apply for the Guinness Record for this glory

Taiwan University, the highest University on the island, has not had a president for more than 500 days.

One year after the election, Guan Zhongmin (right), the president of Taiwanese University who has not yet taken office, was taken from Taiwan United News Network.

According to Taiwans Joint News, on the afternoon of December 18, the Taiwan University Independent Alliance went to the Ministry of Education to launch the Ye Wen campaign, inviting Minister of Education Ye Junrong to come to Taiwanese University to communicate face to face with the teachers and students of the university, while submitting a Guinness World Record application for No Principal and Longest University in the World, ironically sharing the hard-won of Taiwanese University with the Ministry of Education. Glory and reiterated the request that the Ministry of Education immediately issue an employment letter to Guan Zhongmin Xia.

Since the former president Yang Panchi resigned in 2017, Taiwanese University has not officially assumed the presidency. On January 5 this year, the Principal Selection Committee of Taiwanese University elected Guan Zhongmin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as the new principal of Taiwanese University. However, after three ministers (Pan Wenzhong, Wu Maokun and Ye Junrong), the Ministry of Education refused to issue an employment letter to Guan Zhongmin on the grounds of defective procedures.

According to the University Law of Taiwan, public universities should elect their presidents within a maximum of 10 months. The Island commented that it was clearly illegal for the Ministry of Education to keep Taiwanese universities free of principals.

Representatives of the Taiwan University Independent Alliance went to the education sector to protest. Photos were taken by Taiwan Union News Network.

On the 18th, when the Taiwanese University Independent Alliance held a Return to our Principal and Invite Minister Ye to have temperature communication event at the door of the Ministry of Education, it said that the 19th was the Executive Court petition meeting, and the alliance would supervise the opinions and decisions of petition members. If the petition will rule that the Ministry of Education is illegal, Ye Junrong is requested to issue an appointment letter immediately and punish the derelict personnel; if the Ministry of Education insists on not issuing the appointment letter, the alliance will go to the Ministry of Education and Ye Wen every week. In addition, if unfortunately, the petition will not support Taiwanese University and Guan Zhongmin, the administrative team of Taiwanese University will be asked to immediately bring a false sanction to the court to safeguard the autonomy and dignity of Taiwanese University.

Earlier, Taiwanese media reported that Taiwanese University and Guan Zhongmin refused to accept the results of the selection of principals of Taiwanese University because of the rejection of the Ministry of Education and filed administrative appeals. On the 19th, the Appeal Committee of the Executive Yuan will make a speech defense, requesting the Ministry of Education and Taiwanese University to appoint representatives to attend. Guan Zhongmin himself will not appear and will be attended by appointed lawyers.

The autonomous alliance also points out that the Ministry of Education has repeatedly emphasized that it is a subordinate organ of the Ministry of Education. However, only about 30% of the annual budget of the University comes from the Ministry of Education, about 40% from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the rest from other units of the Executive Yuan and local governments. The alliance calls on the current minister of science and technology, Chen Liangji, former vice president of Taiwanese University, and the mayors of local counties to make statements in support of University autonomy.

The alliance also directly named former student leaders and current green camp politicians, such as Lin Jialong (newly elected mayor of Taichung), Zheng Wencan (re-elected mayor of Taoyuan), Zhong Jiabin (Democratic Progressive Partys legislator), Duan Yikang (Democratic Progressive Partys legislator) and so on.

University autonomy and academic freedom have vanished after the government insisted on pulling out the tube. The Taiwan University Independent Alliance pointed out that the Ministry of Educations refusal to hire seriously violated University autonomy, attacked the competitiveness of Taiwans higher education, more thoroughly undermined the peoples trust in the government, and let the ruling party lose the nine in one election. The past years polls clearly showed that the extubation was the starting point for the ruling party to lose popular support. However, Ye Junrong still blamed the Tai Da Mao Principal on the selection committee. He again asked the selection committee to meet, ignoring the fact that the selection committee had met repeatedly at the request of the Ministry of Education to clarify the controversy.

According to Facebook polls, 99% of the people believe that the behind-the-scenes culprit of the extubation is the presidential palace. Please ask Ye Junrong to come to Taiwanese University to clarify whether he had handed out a note to the convenor of the selection committee, why he backfired after reaching a consensus with the selection committee of Taiwanese University, and what the political pressure behind it is. Why?

An invitation letter was sent to Ye Junrong by the representative of the Taiwan University Independent Alliance. The picture is from Taiwan United News Network.

On the same day, Zhu Nanxian, the secretary-in-chief of the Ministry of Education, came forward to accept the Taiwan University Independent Alliance and invited delegates to enter the Ministry of Education. Ye Junrong, who had gone out for a meeting, also rushed back to the Ministry of Education from the Executive Yuan, and then received an invitation letter from the Independent Alliance, expressing his willingness to talk directly with Taiwanese college students face to face; as the final examination was approaching, the time was tentatively fixed so as not to affect the At the beginning of a month before the exam.

But Ye Junrong is still old-fashioned and weighs that the selection process was started to correct defects. Procedural disputes must be dealt with in accordance with the procedure. He emphasizes that although the Taiwanese University Selection Committee is unwilling to deal with the matter, it still has to face it and do not let the matter drag on for too long.

However, public opinion in the island maintains that the Taiwanese University Selection Committee originally includes personnel appointed by the Ministry of Education. Why does the Ministry of Education always shift responsibility to the Selection Committee? On June 24, 2017, Taiwanese University held a temporary school affairs meeting, in which 173 school affairs representatives elected 18 members and three members appointed by the Ministry of Education to form a selection committee.

According to the Taiwanese Joint News Network, Dr. Wang, who filed a complaint for Guan Zhongmin earlier but was rejected by the court, said that he had applied to participate in the debate of the Executive Court Appeal Meeting. If Guan Zhongmin had not taken office after the Lunar New Year next year, he would bring a constitutional interpretation or a unified interpretation to the Judicial Court Justice Meeting to seek redress.

After the Nine-in-One election, the DPP was defeated. The high-level party has repeatedly proposed that the whole party review be carried out. Whether the Min case in Guanzhong will be released naturally becomes the focus of attention in the island. Earlier, Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe said that Taipei Universitys presidential case had done too much harm to Taiwan. He suggested that the Cai authorities claim compensation and let Guan Zhongmin take office.

Ke Wenzhe appealed to the Cai English government to let Guan Zhongmin take office and claim compensation. Pictures from TVBS

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Observer Network: Fan Jiangyi_NN9138