Said to go to the park but was taken to piano lessons 7-year-old girl angrily ran away from home

 Said to go to the park but was taken to piano lessons 7-year-old girl angrily ran away from home

As the saying goes, there is no need to put up with it any more. No, there is a child in Shanghai. Facing the words of his parents, he decides to choose the negative. Qi! Out! Go!

On December 9, a 7-year-old girl in Songjiang, Shanghai, who was supposed to be taking piano lessons, suddenly disappeared from the piano shop.

When the family learned about it, they could not find it when they went out. Helplessly, Mama Ling rushed to the police station for help.

The police quickly grasped the situation of the girls missing and judged the range of the girls walking. Then the soldiers carried out a comprehensive search in three routes, not only arranged personnel to search within the jurisdiction, but also quickly released pictures of the little girl to the social security patrol Wechat group to carry out a co-survey. Also consult nearby monitoring, track track track. After the police monitored the line one by one, they finally saw the trace of the little girl in the direction of Jiasong South Road, Meijiabang Road. After more than 40 minutes of searching, the girl was found near the Orange Square in Imperial Shanghai, and then the police took her back to the police station to reunite with her family.

The police later learned that the girl skipped class and fled because her parents had promised to take her to the newly opened Ocean Park on weekends. Unexpectedly, but finally came to the familiar piano. Father and mother not only failed to fulfill their promise, but also gave her a piano lesson. The childs temper was too short to bear for a moment, so he decided to go away in a fit of pique while his parents were not paying attention.

The parents who retrieved their daughters also had mixed feelings.

For this piano lesson, the cost is too high. Police also persuaded and educated young girls, and told parents and children to strengthen communication to avoid such incidents happening again.

Police remind

Parents should take precautions and guide minor children patiently when they encounter problems, so as to avoid causing their children to run away in a negative way. In addition, once a child is found missing, the police should immediately report it to the police. It can not be blindly searched by oneself or ones family.

For this matter,

Netizens also expressed their views:

Believe what you say.

This is an ancient saying.

Dont neglect the harm by neglecting the small.

Children also need to grow up.

There will be more deception waiting for you in the future.

For this childs negative gas out, although a little angry and funny, but think carefully whos childhood has not experienced such a small disappointment? If you really encounter a commitment that is difficult to achieve, what kind of way do you think is more reasonable?

Source: Liable Editor of Qilu Evening News: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182