Cai Yinglian said three ahs to retain Lai Qingdes subordinates and laughed embarrassingly.

 Cai Yinglian said three ahs to retain Lai Qingdes subordinates and laughed embarrassingly.

Cai Yingwen and Lai Qingde (Taiwan Media)

Since the defeat of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the nine-in-one election in the power island on December 19, Lai Qingde, the head of Taiwans administrative department, has expressed his intention of resigning many times. In order to retain Lai Chingde, Cai Yingwen recently invited some of the legislators to discuss again, during which she mentioned more than once: You want to find ways to keep Lai Chingde! Participants believed that this represented Cai Yingwens strong willingness to retain Lai Qingde.

According to Taiwans Mirror Weekly, Lai Ching-de orally resigned the first time after Nine in One and then announced accepting Tsai Yings solace, while Lai said on December 7 that he will leave as soon as the time comes. It is generally believed that Lai will leave in the middle and late January of next year.

Reported that Cai English scene first said to the participants: You are going to stay in Lai Chingde! She also said to Xu Zhijie, who advocated that the cabinet should be the general speech, How can you do this to him (Lai Chingde)? Then hell think youll be disappointed if you want him to go. Xu Wenyan smiled embarrassingly. Then Cai said, He (Lai Qingde) went to the Legislative Yuan. At least five of you are rude to him!

Then Cai asked the legislators: Do you all want Lai Chingde to step down? Would you like to be a cabinet warrior? The legislators at the meeting hastily denied that they had said, No! We are all very supportive of President Lai. Cai said again, Then you have to find a way to keep him!

On December 18, some Taiwanese media reported that Lai Qingde would leave after hosting the last meeting of the Executive Yuan on January 10 next year. The relevant legislators also pointed out that the committees are currently reviewing the general budget of the Taiwanese authorities. It is expected that the review will be completed in mid-January next year. Lai Qingde may leave after reviewing the general budget. But Cai Office spokesman Lin Heming issued a press release saying nothing happened.

Although it is still unknown how long Lai Chingde will stay, there are media reports that the relationship between him and Cai Yingwen has become increasingly delicate with the DPPs nine in one defeat and the one-go-one-stay drama. Hong Mengkai, deputy director of the Kuomintang Cultural Heritage Association, said recently that Lai Qingdes resignation may be due to Cai and Lais incompatibility. Even though Cai Yingwen and Lai Qingde have been constantly defending through the media, they still can not resolve the embarrassment of seemingly divorced. The more hard they prove in front of the camera, the more likely they are to be surging.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Fan Jiangyi_N9138