The Commander of the Australian Air Force said the F-35 would become a catalyst for combat effectiveness.

 The Commander of the Australian Air Force said the F-35 would become a catalyst for combat effectiveness.

Reference News Network reported Dec. 19 that the US Defense News website reported Dec. 10 that the first two Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II fighters deployed in Australia arrived at Australian Air Force Base in Williamtown, north of Sydney, on Dec. 10.

These aircraft are the 9th and 10th F-35 aircraft delivered to the Australian Air Force. The first eight aircraft are temporarily trained with the 61st fighter squadron of the U.S. Air Force at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. Luke Air Force Base is one of the international joint training sites for F-35 fighters. The Royal Australian Air Force has ordered 72 F-35A fighters and will decide whether to purchase another 28 in the next 10 years.

The two aircraft were delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force at Luke Base in September and October, respectively, and were flown to Williamtown, New South Wales by Squadron 3 Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Darren Claire and Colonel Reid Bollman. It is reported that Squadron 3 is Australias first F-35 fighter unit.

Reported that the vast majority of Australian F-35 fighters will be parked in Williamtown. Guests attending the local welcoming ceremony on October 10 included Australian Defense Minister Christopher Paine, Defense Industry Minister Steven Job, CEO Marilyn Hussein of Lockheed Martin and Australian Air Force Commander Leo Davis.

Davis said the day was a very important day for the Australian Air Force, and the F-35 fighter aircraft was the most important acquisition project in the 97-year history of the Australian Air Force. He also quoted his predecessor, General Jeff Brown, as saying: The F-35 has changed everything, and using it requires new ways of thinking and action.

The Royal Australian Air Force F-35 will replace 71 F/A-18A/B Bumblebee fighters that have been in service since 1985.

The F-35 is the catalyst for transforming the Australian Air Force into the fifth generation of combat forces, and the Australian army with integrated system will better play the effectiveness of all operational elements, and the F-35 fighter aircraft has been the driving force of this change, Davis said on the same day. So today, ladies and gentlemen, (F-35) opponents can sit down. (Compiler/Longjun)

The first two F-35 fighters were deployed in Australia.

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