France sends large quantities of weapons to the Central African Republic to compete with Russia for influence

 France sends large quantities of weapons to the Central African Republic to compete with Russia for influence

Reference News Network reported on December 19 that Reuters reported on December 11 that France shipped 1,400 offensive weapons to the Central African Republic that day for the purpose of attacking the growing influence of armed groups in the former French colony. France also stated that it had no objection in principle to the lifting of the United Nations arms embargo on Central Africa.

Reported that Paris is concerned about Russias growing influence and military presence in Central Africa. Since the outbreak of sectarian armed civil war in 2013, wars have been going on in Central Africa.

Its important for the Chinese non-governmental forces to have access to (badly needed) weaponry, otherwise the armed groups will have the upper hand, which is obviously not what we want to see, Pali told reporters.

Reported that China and Africa elected new leaders in 2016, but the country has been deeply involved in violent conflict, political instability.

The government had asked the international community to help fight the rebels in 2017, but limited by the United Nations arms sales ban in 2013, it had to be approved by the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee for the Central African Republic, which includes France and Russia.

In December 2017, Moscow was authorized by the United Nations to deliver weapons to Central Africa, and France was exempted from the embargo in February 2018.

Its essential to be able to identify, store and track these weapons. Once these conditions are met, theres no reason not to lift the embargo, Parry said.

These conditions have been greatly improved, so in principle (lifting the ban on arms sales) is no longer difficult, she added. It is reported that the United Nations arms embargo on Central Africa will expire at the end of January 2019.

Reported that Paris privately accused Moscow of launching its own motion, undermining existing peace efforts, but Moscow denied this accusation.

Reported that as part of curbing Russias influence, France increased its aid to Africa in November, and there are still 200 French soldiers stationed there. (Compiler/Lin Chaohui)

DATA FIGURE: A French soldier was on the streets of Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic.

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