Sun Jun: Shi Yuqi will be more mature in 2020 when he overcomes the fear of Taotian

 Sun Jun: Shi Yuqi will be more mature in 2020 when he overcomes the fear of Taotian

When Shi Yuqi won Taotian Xianduo 2-0 in the final and won the mens singles championship for the first time, Sun Jun did not hide his satisfaction with the performance of his disciples, even said that he did not expect the ball to play so perfectly. He commented: It can be said that Shi Yuqi played a very beautiful final. Earlier, Shi Yuqi lost to Taotian three times. He was afraid of Taotian, a comprehensive player. Fortunately, this time Shi Yuqi defeated himself and did not retreat at all on the court. Instead, Shi Yuqi hit his opponent more maturely and won the game with patience, speed change and surprise.

For this game, Sun Jun said that Shi Yuqis win was mature in psychology. He said: Shi Yuqi is not eager to attack, but very patient, through the control of the opponents bottom line, so that Taotian has no opportunity to attack; and then to hang, run to find the opponents space. In the assault, Shi Yuqis landing point is very open, there are straight lines, diagonal, and hanging ball, which makes Taotian a little tired to deal with.

As early as in May this year during the Tangyou Cup, Sun Jun played in Bangkok with the national team as an advisor. Then in July, at the Nanjing World Championship, he personally sat on the sidelines of the town coach chair. His main task was to assist Shi Yuqi in his training.

Sun Jun said that the disputes between male singles and male singles in badminton today are different from the situation he faced at the beginning. At that time, we still had the service scoring system and had time to figure it out, but now we have to concentrate on the game as soon as we play. And in the past, there were only a few top mens singles players, unlike todays high-level elites, who are likely to be out in one round.

Sun Jun believes that athletes need to be more comprehensive, not only faster, but also more comprehensive, so as to make steady progress. He said: I told Shi Yuqi that as an offensive player, once the offensive is ineffective and the road is impassable, we should dare to try to change and take a different road. In Sun Juns eyes, only knowing how to change on the court is a sign of maturity.

Shi Yuqi won the runner-up in this years world championship. He could not overcome Taotian Xianduo in the final, which once made him doubt himself. Sun Jun tried his hand at winning the runner-up in the 1997 World Championship and the next championship. He said, I said to Shi Yuqi, I also won the second and got the first. If you learn to change, you can go further from the runner-up.

It is particularly coincidental that Sun Jun, a master, won the All-England Open Mens Singles Championship 20 years ago, while disciple Shi Yuqi won the All-England Championship this year. Speaking of it, there are some similarities between us. In addition, this year he served as the second single in the soup cup, which just won the 100th world champion of our Jiangsu Sports Institute.

In Sun Juns heart, Shi Yuqi has a very high badminton talent. He believes that Shi Yuqi needs more confidence to support himself. No matter how talented and skilled he is, he also needs psychological maturity to support him. Like playing 10 balls in training, nine of them are good and only one is bad. At this time, you have to see yourself playing nine good balls, rather than over-drilling how to break that one. The improvement of self-confidence is to see their own progress, rather than blindly looking at their own shortcomings and deifying their opponents.

Sun Jun is very sincere about Shi Yuqis future. He said: Although Shi Yuqi had some problems in the group finals, but the victory of the final will make Shi Yuqi more confident! uuuuuuuuuuuu As long as time goes by, I believe that in 2020, Shi Yuqi will be more mature then.

Source: Responsible Editor of Badminton Magazine: Cao Liemen_NS1806