Xu Jiayins wife, 20 billion eldest son, Ren Heng, vice president, and a mysterious second son

 Xu Jiayins wife, 20 billion eldest son, Ren Heng, vice president, and a mysterious second son

Last weekend, the 60-year-old founder of Hengda Group Xu Jiayin and his wife Ding Yumei appeared in Zhoukou, Henan Province, accompanying Grand Master Xu Jiayin, 96, to visit his relatives back home. Mr. and Mrs. Xu spent hundreds of millions of dollars building roads in their old home. This time, they returned to the old house and meadow, melon nest, cabbage and radish, recalling their bitterness and sweetness, and donated 650 million yuan to build schools in their hometown.

Ding Yumei, Xu Jiayins wife, seldom made public appearances. Xu Jiayin, 20, was admitted to university and left home. After graduation, she was assigned to Wuyang Iron and Steel Works in Henan Province. Ding Yumei married Xu Jiayin at that time. They had been married for 35 years.

The latest equity structure shows that Xu Jiayin holds 71.16% of China Evergrande through Xinxin (BVI) and Ding Yumei holds 6.01% of China Evergrande through Junrong Holdings. China Evergrande currently has a market capitalization of over HK$300 billion. Ding Yumei ranked 16th in the Hurun Rich Women List with a wealth of over 20 billion in 2018.

According to industrial and commercial data, Ding Yumei is a wholly-owned shareholder of Guangzhou Hengda Industrial Group. Its subsidiaries include Guangzhou Hengda Investment, Guangzhou Hengda South China Logistics Center and Guangzhou Yasheng Business and Trade. Among them, Xu Zhijians name appeared in the list of shareholders of Guangzhou Hengda Investment and Guangzhou Yasheng Business.

Xu Zhijian is the son of Xu Jiayin and Ding Yumei. He is 34 years old and has the right of permanent residence in Canada. According to Hengdas latest financial report, Xu Zhijian holds a masters degree in Business Administration from Tsinghua University and is currently the vice president of Hengda Group. He is mainly responsible for the management of engineering and landscape construction.

Xu Zhijian was also a shareholder in Quanzhou Stock Company. Quanzhu shares mainly provide residential decoration services for Hengda and other real estate companies. Xu Zhijians shares were reduced after the listing of Quanzhu shares and have disappeared from the list of major shareholders.

Finance and Economics magazine has disclosed that Xu Jiayin also has a two-son named Peter Xu, who currently runs the Pearl River Delta Company of Hengda Real Estate Group, but even if the Chinese name is not known internally, it is more mysterious.