Girlspostgraduate entrance examination certificates are official photos of boys: staff errors

 Girlspostgraduate entrance examination certificates are official photos of boys: staff errors

On December 17, only five days before the National Masters Examination in 2019, examinee Zheng Ni was anxious about it, and did not know when the exam site could correct the admission certificate. Regarding the mistake in the photo of the admission certificate, the staff of Sichuan Provincial Education Examination Institute said that it was a mistake made by the staff of the examination site when taking photos of the candidates, and they would revise it as soon as possible for the candidates. For Zheng Ni, she can only be grateful that she carried her admission certificate a few days ahead of schedule, which discovered this loophole.

Printed admission card

The time for postgraduate entrance examination is approaching

The admission photograph is not my own.

Zheng Ni told reporters that December 14 is the beginning of the online download of the National Postgraduate Examination Entrance Certificate in 2009, and will continue until the 22nd Examination Day. On the first day of opening the download window, Zheng Ni, together with tens of thousands of candidates, logged on the China Postgraduate Enrollment Information Network and downloaded her admission certificate. Maybe there were too many downloaders that day, and the website could not be accessed until after 6 p.m. and it turned out that the photos on the admission card were not my own, but all the other information was my own.

Whose admission card is this? Is the photo wrong or the information wrong? After printing the admission certificate, Zheng said she tried to ask the question through various channels. Since it was already 6 p.m. when she saw the admission ticket on the 14th day, no one answered her phone calls about the institutions registered for the exam, the exam sites and the Sichuan Provincial Education Examination Institute.

Two days later, it was the weekend. Zheng said that she still had not found anyone from the relevant institutions to ask about the mistake of the admission certificate. Seeing the exam date getting closer and closer, the photo of admission card is incorrect. How to solve it? Will it affect the exam? This series of problems made her more nervous and anxious. She had to ask for help by posting online.

Information Confirmation Form at Examination Site

Who made a mistake in the information of the candidates?

Zheng Ni said that she had worked for two years at the age of 24. This year, she enrolled in the postgraduate program of Ancient Literature of Sichuan Normal University, which is based in Sichuan College of Arts and Sciences in Dazhou. Zheng Ni told reporters that she registered online on October 29 and arrived at the State Examination Site from Chengdu on November 9 for on-site confirmation. On-site confirmation, she submitted ID cards, registered permanent residence books, degree certificates, Diploma certificates, fingerprints and photographs. After confirmation of all the information, she printed a return receipt of the registration information form, and I confirmed the information on the return receipt. The pictures were all of them, and then they signed.

Reporters through Zheng Nis registration information sheet at the examination site and the final download of the admission certificate found that the information and photos on the registration information sheet are Zheng Nis own information and photos, but the photos on the admission certificate became a male head. On the back of the registration information form, there is also a letter of promise about candidatesintegrity examination, which clearly states: Guarantee that when online registration and on-site confirmation are carried out, the candidates will be selected according to the application conditions and relevant policy requirements strictly, and the candidates will submit the application information and materials truthfully and accurately. I shall bear all the consequences if I provide false or false information or commit fraud.

However, who mistook his admission information? Zheng Nie said that the admission card is the most important thing to take part in the examination. As the examination date is getting closer and closer, she has not received any solution yet. She is very anxious.

On the morning of the 17th, Zheng Ni contacted a teacher of Sichuan College of Arts and Sciences by telephone provided by someone on the Internet. Zheng Ni said that the other party told her that the photo error might be when taking photos, the system compares cards, and there was a delay. Although she took pictures, she failed to upload them, and the photograph of the examinee behind covered her picture.

Sichuan Provincial Education Examination Institute:

Operational errors made by the staff of the examination centre will be corrected as soon as possible for the candidates.

On the afternoon of the 17th, through a telephone call provided by Zheng Ni, the reporter contacted the teacher of Sichuan University of Arts and Sciences. The other side said that the exam site was investigating the reasons for the mistakes in Zheng Nis exam photos and would deal with them.

A staff member of Sichuan Provincial Education Examination Institute later told reporters that Zheng Nis photo of admission examination was a small technical error, and there was no problem. Now, she has communicated with the Ministry of Education and is dealing with it. The other side said that if the students did not take good pictures, they would take pictures again. The system has a function of taking pictures again. After the students took pictures, the teacher printed out the confirmation form. When the students saw the problem, they signed. After the signature, it was their turn to the next classmate to take pictures.

According to reason, the staff need to choose the next classmate in the system, but because the staff may make mistakes, they do not choose the next one, but directly choose the photograph, which is regarded as the former classmate took a wrong picture, re-photographed, but just took the next classmate, so the picture of the former classmate was covered.

As Zheng Nie has signed to confirm, she does not know that her photos have been covered. The staff of Sichuan Provincial Education Examination Institute said that Zheng Nie did not need to take a new photo, and the exam site had found her photo. Now we are going through the process of submitting the photo to the Ministry of Education. After modification, students can download and print a new admission card.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Fan Jiangyi_NN9138