BY2 sister Yumi self-exposure massage wolf insomnia two days later collapse alarm

 BY2 sister Yumi self-exposure massage wolf insomnia two days later collapse alarm

Yumi Self-exposure to Sex Wolf

Netease Entertainment reported Dec. 19 that the twin womens group BY2 sister Yumi (Bai Weiling) and sister Miko (Bai Weifen) came out as students and gradually transformed from a cute girl into a sexy goddess, with many loyal fans, according to Taiwanese media reports. Often sharing bits and pieces of her life on social networking sites, she recently ran into sex wolves and wanted to put up with it. But after two days of insomnia, she finally decided to report it. The terrible experience also distressed fans.

Yumi usually has a full schedule. In addition to running and performing with her sister, she often spends the rest of her time practicing dancing and sports. Recently, she has had a hard time relaxing, but unexpectedly encountered a horrible experience. On the 16th, she sighed, Hey, its hard to relax and massage, but it just made me meet a sex wolf... Although the article did not say much, nor did it explain the details of the sex wolf crime, Yumis self-portrait showed a dignified look.

On the day of the incident, many netizens left messages urging her to call the police. Two days later, Yumi confessed, I didnt want to say it. I just let it go. However, when she was on a business trip these days, she seemed to be caught in the shadow of a wolf, causing insomnia and unable to sleep. Then she decided, Finally go to report the case. Many fans are worried and distressed for her, leaving messages to encourage her to refuel and sparking a heated discussion on the Internet.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322