The ex-husband apologized for disrupting Cardi Bs performance and jumped on stage to send roses for recombination.

 The ex-husband apologized for disrupting Cardi Bs performance and jumped on stage to send roses for recombination.


CardiB and Offsets love and hatred are twists and turns. They married secretly in September 2017 and welcomed their daughter Kulture Kiar on July 10, 2018. But after marriage and even when CardiB was pregnant, Offset was photographed continually suspected of derailment, and was also photographed with bare-boned videos as evidence. In early December, CardiB suddenly announced on Instagram that he had divorced his husband: Efforts are really useless in this relationship. Divorce is not the fault of either party. We just dont love each other anymore. I know it takes a long time to get divorced, but he will always be my daughters father, and I will always have a friends love for him. The news came so suddenly that many netizens even thought it was a prank for the first time.

Two weeks after the divorce, Offset suddenly began to regret. It also released a rare video on Instagram, apologizing for his ex-wifes confession without receiving any response. So on the night of the concert on Saturday, he jumped onto the stage of Cardis concert with more than $15,000 worth of pure white roses. Cardis reaction was between surprise and discomfort. After a brief private exchange with Offset, the production team cut off Offsets Mike, dimmed the lights and invited Offset and his roses off the stage, accompanied by boos from the audience below.

And Cardi also showed his attitude to fans through social media after the show, hoping that you dont laugh at Offset: Its not going to make me feel better to humiliate my daughters father in public, because youre still a family after all. No matter how good a man I will meet in the future, he will not love my daughter like his own father, so I dont want everyone to laugh at him. I know what its like to be poked in the back by tens of millions of people every day. I dont want him to be treated like that. It wont make me feel better, thats all.

Offset today formally apologized for the incident, saying he was just trying to save his marriage. The organizers of Rolling Loud said they were completely unaware of the unexpected behavior of Offset.

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