Users who share a deposit of 1500 yuan for road songs say they are useless now

 Users who share a deposit of 1500 yuan for road songs say they are useless now

While users queue up for deposit refund at the ofo Xiaohuang headquarters, the sharing of car songs is also shrouded in the haze of deposit is difficult to retreat.

The deposit of Tuge 1500 yuan is much higher than that of sharing bicycles. Some users have not returned their applications for two months. Moreover, the reporter found that the refund rules of Tuge deposit have changed quietly. The refund time of Tuge deposit has changed from seven working days refund to seven to fifteen working days refund. After the fall of Friendship Car and EZZZY, can the shared car route song of Heavy Assets, Heavy Operations survive?

Users encounter difficulty in withdrawing deposit, and the rules of refund of road songs have changed quietly.

In recent days, the share of deposits in economic enterprises has become more and more intense. In Zhongguancun, the users of ofo Xiaohuang car headquarters queued up to refund the deposit, and the users who demanded refund also occupied the headquarters of Touge in Chaoyang District.

On December 18, Touge headquarters still had many deposit refund users, and Touge operators demanded reimbursement. Faced with these circumstances, Tuge responded that since the establishment of the company, new users have registered a deposit and refund deposit every day, which is a normal phenomenon. At present, it is still handled according to 20 + 7 working days. If there is abnormal account and car use, it will be delayed, and it can also be checked in after confirmation.

How to explain 20 + 7 working days? The Tuge system explains that the deposit can be refunded 20 days after the final order is settled successfully. If no violation/accident/abnormal use of the car is found in the previous use of the car, the deposit will be refunded in 7 working days.

Nov. 15 to apply for deposit refund, so far has not arrived at the accounts, telephone calls countless times, to Xian Branch also registered, but also to some Internet complaint platform complaints. Why is it so difficult to get back your deposit? Ms. Li of Xian told Beijing News.

Ms. Li also went to Touge Xian Branch to register for refund of deposit. There are a lot of people in Xian Branch. The on-site staff said that they would be checked in three to six working days after registration. At present, some have said they have received it, others have not.

On December 18, a reporter from the Beijing News found that the refund rules of Tuge deposit had changed quietly, and the refund time of deposit had changed from seven working days refund to seven to fifteen working days refund.

Users claim that no car deposit can be refunded.

There used to be a lot of cars, but now they are useless, and the deposit cant be refunded. User Mr. Liu said that the deposit of 1,500 yuan is much higher than the deposit of sharing bicycles, which should be explained.

On December 18, a reporter from the Beijing News logged on to the road song APP and found that there were no available vehicles nearby. The system shows that there is no relay car nearby, please try again later, and the car is too busy, wait for a car may come.

Regarding the difficulty of deposit withdrawal, the response of the road song indicated that the time for refund of the road song deposit is 20 + 7 working days. Because the shared car is not like the shared bicycle, it needs to pass our preliminary examination, third-party review and correction examination by the transportation department to verify that there are violations, parking violations and abnormal use of the vehicle during the use of the vehicle, so as to confirm that the original road can be returned without error. If there are violations and abnormal use of cars, it is necessary for users to deal with them before returning them.

My application deadline meets this requirement, but I cant return it. Ms. Li said that many users also reported that the application lasted more than two months and no progress was made. Touge said most car rental companies will have longer and more cumbersome audit cycles. Because users use the song to pay the deposit will be through Alipay, WeChat, credit cards, bank cards and other channels, each channel will return to the original road, there will be different cycles to arrive.

In March this year, Ms. Li became a user of Usage Songs on the recommendation of her friends. Although not many cars, but parking is very convenient, user experience is good. After experiencing the sharing of automobiles by many companies such as SAIC GoFun, Ms. Li gave a high appraisal of Touge.

Under the background of the rise of the shared economy, Touge was established in July 2015 and operated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It has many service models such as Mercedes-Benz Smart, BMW Mini, Citroen and Peugeot.

In 2017, Touge became a star in the shared automotive industry. In April of that year, Touge was financed by 40 million yuan A + rounds, 30 million yuan in real terms and 10 million yuan in Tuobu Fund. In October of that year, SIG and True Fund received another $22 million in round B financing.

By the beginning of this year, Touge had raised funds again, but by September, the predicament became more and more obvious, and the deposit came out from time to time.

I had returned a deposit in early September, and at that time, Touge did not return the deposit within the promised time limit, but I did not return it until I called customer service many times. Ms. Li said that the deposit for watching the news song was difficult to get back, and then applied for a refund. Later, due to temporary emergencies, a deposit car was paid.

Meanwhile, in September, Touge withdrew from the Nanjing market and began to explode the availability of cars. However, in October, Touge announced the completion of a B2 round of financing led by the Haina Asia Fund (SIG), True Fund, Kaixin Capital and tens of millions of US dollars, and launched a delivery service in Beijing. The road song seems to have been given a shot in the arm. However, the subsequent deposit difficulties proved that the matter has not been resolved.

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Whats the reason for the deposit? Mainstream Platform Deposit Free

On December 18, a reporter from Beijing New Beijing News found that many users of Uighur have gathered at the entrance of Beijing Uighur Technology Co., Ltd. at the office address of 1405 Rooms, Block B, Jiatai International Building, East Fourth Ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing. About 20 users with a deposit of 1500 yuan were returned to Touge, and the team length was about 5 meters.

A man who refunded the deposit at the scene told reporters: I applied for the deposit refund on November 10, and it has not yet arrived. Before I called the customer service, the customer service said that they could register for me, but when the specific refund, the customer service only said to rush. Reporters learned at the scene that some users returned the deposit on October 24, nearly two months, but still did not receive the deposit returned.

Users queuing at the scene can not get the deposit back on the spot. A user who has already registered at the scene told reporters that after registration, the Tuge staff will not return the deposit until February 13 next year.

Just at 3:34 p.m. yesterday, the official Weibo of Tuge released a reminder of the refund deposit of Tuge, saying that in the near future, users involved in the refund of the deposit of TOGO can log in to TOGO? APP to apply for deposit withdrawal, and the company will follow the process of information review and processing of the refund deposit, after verification, the refund can be carried out in accordance with the order.

Reporters also saw on the spot that the employees who left the company asked for salaries and reimbursements, but did not get the exact results. Mr. Zhao, the parking lot supplier of Touge, is also on the spot, hoping to recover the rental arrears of 30,000 yuan. It is reported that this is the fifth time he has come to Tuges office address, but the incident has not been further resolved.

Shared car deposit is not the first time. In 2017, Shared car friend car and EZZY have fallen down one after another. So far, the problem of deposit has not been solved. At that time, I thought Touge was a big company, and I should have paid a deposit without any problems. Ms. Li said.

As for the deposit, Liu Junhai, director of the Commercial Law Institute of Renmin University of China and professor of law school, believes that overtime deposit without refund will constitute a breach of contract. The ownership of the deposit belongs to the user, and an independent deposit control system should be established for the deposit. If the platform goes bankrupt, the deposit does not belong to the scope of the bankruptcy property of the enterprise, and consumers enjoy the right of exemption.

If it has not been processed beyond the prescribed time, it may provide relevant documents such as mobile payment records to complain to the industry and Commerce Department where the platform is located or call 12315 to seek help from the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Committee. Han Miao, a lawyer of Beijing Kangda Law Firm, suggested.

In fact, in view of the deposit problem of other platforms, many mainstream shared automobile platforms have already implemented the Sesame Credit Exemption Deposit Service.

(Pan Yichun Chen Weicheng)

Money-burning shared cars are being phased out faster, and new entrants are becoming cautious.

According to public data, there are nearly 40 enterprises in the field of shared automobile. Shared automobile has a variety of operation modes, most enterprises own their own vehicles, which belong to heavy assets operation.

In 2011, shared cars appeared in China, but since last year, EZZY, Muggle Travel and Easy to Travel have been out of business.

However, at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, a large number of enterprises announced that they had entered the field of shared automobiles. At that time, Ctrip entered the field of shared automobiles, and the first 10,000 cars covered Beiguangshen. Shenzhou Rental Vehicle has also announced that it will enter the field of shared automobiles, covering 55 cities in the first half of the year, which is still very low-key.

In February this year, Drop by Drop announced strategic cooperation with 12 automobile manufacturers, such as Beiqi New Energy, BYD and Changan Automobile, to jointly build a new energy sharing automobile service system for the future. New Beijing News reporter noted that at present, only in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and Ningbo to carry out car sharing services.

Analytical analysis shows that, like many emerging industries, with the increasingly clear business model of time-sharing leasing industry, continuous optimization of operation mode, and more social capital, mainframe factories and large Internet enterprises entering the market, fierce competition will inevitably lead to a number of small and medium-sized operating platforms to be speedily eliminated. In the future, with the scale expansion of head Enterprises and the seizure of industry core resources, users And capital will gradually centralize to the head enterprises.

Industry insiders said that the car companies entered the field of shared automobiles also out of the consideration of increasing distribution channels. Before that, the head of a car company told reporters, At present, individual cities start to make profits, but the overall profit has not yet been achieved. Licenses, parking spaces and charging piles also affect the development of shared cars. There is no profit for online cars, and there is still a long way to go.

Chen Weicheng, a reporter for the Beijing News

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056