Bundesliga-Pacos first defeat of the season was a 1-2 defeat to Dussey, the difficult-to-save substitute to break the door

 Bundesliga-Pacos first defeat of the season was a 1-2 defeat to Dussey, the difficult-to-save substitute to break the door

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Dort was the top scorer, while Dussey was in the downgrade zone in the third-to-last place. Compared with last weekends League match, Favre made several adjustments to the position of the first match. Schmeltzer replaced Ashraf as the first left-back, while Prisci, Larson and Getze replaced Sancho, Grero and Paco as the starting guards, and played alongside Royce in the offensive line.

In the 3rd minute, Dussey counterattacked, Yuzomeigui Szczech, Lukbakios left Front-court high-speed burst into the penalty area, then stopped to shake a Dott defender and then shot near the corner, which was taken by Bilkie. In the 10th minute, the Fink midfielder headed the ball out of the straight plug. After Yuzomeishi was brought into the restricted area, the left side of the small restricted area shot near the corner and hit the side net. In the 16th minute, Prisci crossed the right side of the penalty area, Luge Ce failed to shoot in time after stopping the ball. Royce behind him started to push the goal, but Prisci was offside to interfere with the defense, and the goal was ruled invalid.

In the 22nd minute, Larsons forward dribbling was interrupted, Steger sent out the straight plug, Lukbakio dribbed the ball into the long drive, and the anti-offside shot Bilkie behind the restricted area, Dussel 1-0. In the 32nd minute, Prisci obliquely passed the forbidden area on the right, Larson Ferry on the middle, Getze pushed the ball, but it was not served, and Luncin got it. In the 38th minute, Yuzo Meigui scored a cross from the right side of the forbidden area, and the ball touched the left column out of the baseline. Dussey almost enlarged the score. Dussey led Dort 1-0 in the first half.

In the second half, he changed sides and fought again. In the second half, Akangi was injured and Toprack came on as a substitute. In the 49th minute, Royce was told to drive the ball into the penalty area, but no teammates followed up. Royces ball was broken in the bag.

In the 56th minute, Dussey enlarged the score. Dussey left Yuzomeikuishi team-mates throw a side-line ball after the forbidden area front knock, the right side of Zimmer 25 meters away from the door, a foot shot to break the door, Dussey 2-0. Dott quickly replaced Sancho and Paco after losing the ball. In the 67th minute, the left side of Yuzomeiguis forbidden area received his teammates small angle volley kick from the top of the arc, which was taken by Bilkie. In the 72nd minute, Getzes shot was blocked, Sancho took off again, and Paco shot high above the crossbar in front of the right post. The 76th minute, Sangqiao right corner pass, the front point Diallo header, although the top, but no strength, Luncing got the ball.

In the 81st minute, Sancho split the edge, Pishchek inserted the right baseline forward, Paco nodded the header and pulled back one point, Dort 1-2. Paco scored his 12th goal of the season. However, in the end, Dort failed to change the score despite his fierce attack, and eventually lost 1-2.

Starting Line-up

Dussey (4231): Lencin/Zimmerman, Ahan, Kaminsky, Giselman/Fink, Sobotka (70Bodezek)/Yuzomeishi (87Raman), Steger, Zimmer/Lukbakio (88Hennins)

Dort (4231): Bilkie/Pishchek, Akangi (46Toprack), Diallo, Schmeltzer/Wittsel, Delaney (61Paco)/Priscich, Royce, Larson (61Sancho)/Gertzer