At the age of 29, he is planning to take up an important position and enter Fujian as an imported student

 At the age of 29, he is planning to take up an important position and enter Fujian as an imported student

Recently, the Organizational Department of Zhangzhou Municipal Committee of Fujian Province issued a pre-service announcement for 31 comrades, among them, Li Hongtai, 29-year-old Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, intends to transfer to an important post at the level.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that Li Hongtai was selected to work in Fujian as an introducing student in 2014, and gradually grew into a ranking cadre three years later. There are still many young cadres like him in the local area.

Li Hongtai (middle)

According to public data, Li Hongtai was born in January 1989 in Shuyang, Jiangsu Province. He studied at Beijing University of Technology as an undergraduate and was admitted to the finance major of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University in 2009. When he graduated in 2014, he was named Beida Excellent Graduates.

In the last year of his study, Li Hongtai also had a period of suspension of office as deputy director of Yinchuan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. After graduation the following year, Li Hongtai was specially introduced by Zhangzhou Municipal Government. At that time, he was only 25 years old.

Fujian media Strait Report reported that Li Hongtai was hired for two years in accordance with the policy of introducing students and arrived at his post on August 10, 2014. His first post in Zhangzhou was as Deputy Director of Science and Technology of the Management Committee of the Municipal Taiwanese Investment Zone.

Due to the close geographic, consanguineous and cultural relationship between Fujian and Taiwan, the State Council has approved the establishment of six state-level investment zones for Taiwanese businessmen, all in Fujian, Zhangzhou is one of them.

During his tenure, Li Hongtai was in charge of finance, taxation, finance, state-owned assets, industry and commerce, science and technology, auditing, etc. In the eyes of his colleagues, he is tall and beautiful.

In August 2016, Zhu Shanlu, then Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University, went to Zhangzhou and other places to investigate, visit and discuss with the local imported students from Peking University. At that time, Li Hongtai, as a representative of the previous imported students, spoke and shared his experience and experience in grass-roots work.

The work of introducing students in Fujian Province began to be carried out formally in 2013, and Li Hongtai was actually one of the early batches of introducing talents. According to the local policy, if the doctor and master are qualified after two yearssuspension and continue to serve voluntarily for more than five years, they will be transferred to the civil servant of the comprehensive management category, arranged at the deputy department level and the official department level respectively.

As a result, Li Hongtai was appointed as a member and deputy director of Zhangzhou Municipal Government Office in September 2016, and as deputy secretary-general of the Municipal Government and director of the Municipal Finance Office in November 2017.

At this time, 27-year-old Li Hongtai grew into a cadre at the official level in his third year in Fujian Province. Although Li Hongtais rank remains unchanged, he intends to transfer to a more important post.

The governor of Changan Street found that Li Hongtai was not an exception. Among the students he introduced during the same period, 54 doctorates and masters degree candidates entered the investigation list through written interviews, and 37 were finally selected into Fujian Province.

In September 2014, Dr. Li Shijun, a 27-year-old Tsinghua doctor, was appointed Vice Mayor of Longhai City, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Zhangzhou, becoming the youngest Vice Mayor of Fujian Province. In Longhai, Li Shijun is in charge of science and technology and other fields.

One month before Li Shijun was appointed Vice Mayor, Wang Wenhui, a doctor of civil engineering from Tsinghua, was born in 1986. He was appointed Vice Mayor of Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. He also set a new record of the youngest Vice Mayor of Fujian Province.

According to media reports, Li Shijun was very energetic. When he was in Baocun, a traditional village in southern Fujian, he was hindered from working because of his poor language. After that, he studied the local dialect hard and finally spoke in Minnan dialect at a villagerscongress. The villagers gave him warm applause.

After two years of employment, Li Shijun left Longhai and is currently the deputy director of talent Office of Fujian Provincial Party Committee and deputy director of talent Department of Organizational Department of provincial Party committee.

According to statistics, from 2012 to now, Fujian has selected 6 batches of 214 imported students, 109 of whom are Ph.D., and 16 are now promoted to the leading cadres at the official level.

Hu Changsheng, the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial Committee and the Minister of Organizational Department, said that the introduction of health work is related to long-term development and is a major measure for strategic selection, training and reserve of outstanding young cadres.

In the next five years, Fujian will also select and introduce 800 excellent graduates from universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University and the National Peoples Congress. Strategically train reserve cadres of the Party and government, state-owned enterprises, urban and rural planning, medical and health, scientific research and other fields of talent.

At the same time, there are also views that for the introduction of student system, the organization should improve the screening and training mechanism, so that more piers and seedlings can be introduced, and grass-roots posts can not only be regarded as exercise and gilded springboard. We should create conditions for the introduction of students to sink down and achieve real results at the grass-roots level so as to win the recognition of the masses.

Source: Changan Street Governor Responsible Editor: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675