Dr. Chengzheng, who has worked for three years in post-90s Peking University, has been newly appointed.

 Dr. Chengzheng, who has worked for three years in post-90s Peking University, has been newly appointed.

According to the Regulations on the Selection and Appointment of Leading Cadres of the Party and Government, 31 comrades, including Li Hongtai, who has studied and proposed to be appointed as municipal leaders by the Municipal Committee, have been made public before taking office, according to the Zhangzhou Municipal Peoples Government on December 17.

Among the 31 people, Li Hongtais age and education have attracted the attention of the political intellectuals. Li Hongtai, born in January 1989, is a post-90s generation. He graduated from Peking University with a Ph.D. degree in finance and economics, and can be said to be a top student.

Li Hongtai is currently the Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government (at the Director level), a member of the Party Group of the Municipal Government, and the Director of the Municipal Finance Office. He intends to take up the post of the working department of the Municipal Government.

The announcement shows that Li Hongtai intends to transfer to an important post at the level of the staff.

Three years of work

In 2014, Dr. Li Hongtai, a 26-year-old doctor from Peking University, was hired to work in Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone for two years according to Fujians Import Student Policy and arrived on August 10 that year.

The quasi-post-doctor of 90 was appointed Deputy Director of Science and Technology of the Management Committee of Taiwanese Investment Zone by Zhangzhou Municipal Government as soon as he arrived at his post.

The middle of the front row is Li Hongtai.

Two days before Li Hongtai arrived, Yu Quan, then Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, pointed out at the Symposium on introducing students in Fujian Province that the current development of Fujian Province is ushering in unprecedented rare opportunities, requiring a large number of high-quality talents. Organizationally, a platform has been set up for you to display your talents. It is opportune for you to work in Fujian.

You Quan said to the imported students, When General Secretary Xi Jinping talked about the growth of young cadres in Fujian, he stressed that attention should be paid to the four taboos, that is, to avoid rushing to succeed, to avoid being self-righteous, to avoid changing every day and to avoid being too skilled. I hope you will keep in mind the important points of General Secretary Xi Jinping, be diligent in thinking, courageous in practice, give full play to your strengths, earnestly sum up the experience and lessons learned in your work, hone yourselves and improve your character in a difficult environment, and make due contributions to Fujians development.

Li Hongtai has been working in Zhangzhou for four years.

However, when he arrived at his post, Li Hongtai was not adapted to the local living habits.

A staff member of the Management Committee of Taiwanese Business Investment Zone said that although Li Hongtai has been in Jiaomei for more than a month, he has not yet adapted to the Kungfu tea in southern Fujian. When he first came to Jiaomei, he purchased a cup specially to make tea. He said that he was not used to making tea with a small cup.

After only one years work, Li Hongtai turned himself into a thorough Zhangzhou man.

On August 5, 2016, a symposium on introducing students was held in Fujian Province in 2016. Li Hongtai attended the symposium as Deputy Director of Science and Technology of the Management Committee of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Business Investment Zone and made a speech.

After the expiration of the two-year appointment period, Li Hongtais career steadily increased, and he was appointed Deputy Director of the Office of Zhangzhou Municipal Peoples Government in September 2016.

In November 2017, he served as Secretary-General of the new Municipal Government (at the local level) and Director of the Municipal Finance Office.

800 outstanding graduates will be introduced in the next five years

Since 2012, Fujian Province has been exploring the introduction of outstanding doctoral and masters graduates from famous universities such as Tsinghua, Peking University and the National Peoples Congress, directly appointing cadres in key posts such as deputy county (district) heads and deputy town heads, and supporting a number of measures to focus on training, aiming at strategically training and reserving young cadres. This special system of introducing students attracted the attention of the society in that year.

In July 2013, Shao Mingsong, a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology, Tsinghua University, was appointed as a member of the Party Committee and Vice Mayor of the Peoples Government of Fuan City. He was only 27 when he took office.

On September 22, 2014, Li Shijun, a PhD graduate of biology from Tsinghua University College of Life Sciences, was appointed Vice Mayor of Longhai City. He was only 27 when he took office.

In August 2014, Wang Wenhui, who graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, was appointed Vice Mayor of Jinjiang Municipal Peoples Government. He was only 28 when he took office.

On November 13, 2017, Wanchao, who graduated from postgraduate school, is going to be nominated as deputy governor of the Yanping District Peoples Government of Nanping City. He was 29 when he took office.

From 2012 to now, Fujian has selected 214 imported students in six batches, including 109 doctors, 16 leading cadres at the official level, 11 introducing students as Township Party committee secretary and township head, and 85 of them have been enriched into the county and township party and government team during the 2016 change of the city, county and township leadership team.

A recent questionnaire survey conducted by the Organizational Department of Fujian Provincial Committee shows that 94% of the respondents believe that introducing students is competent for work, and 92.4% believe that introducing students has played a positive role in promoting economic and social development.

Since 2017, Fujian has selected new students from state-owned enterprises to work in provincial state-owned enterprises on the basis of introducing students from the original party and government categories; this year, more students from scientific research, medical and health, planning and construction categories have been introduced.

In the next five years, 800 outstanding graduates from Peking University, Tsinghua University and the National Peoples Congress will be selected and introduced to strategically train reserve cadres of the Party and government, state-owned enterprises, urban and rural planning, medical and health care, scientific research and other fields, according to the person in charge of personnel work organized by Fujian Provincial Committee in 2018.

Increased treatment for the new policy of introducing students

The selection of introduced students in Fujian Province in 2019 is different from that in 2018. The selection is more stringent and the welfare treatment is more favorable.

This year, Renmin University of China will no longer be admitted to political science, and a new major will be admitted to Marxist theory.

Selection targets and qualifications:

New additions have firm political standpoints, earnestly study Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, firmly establish four consciousness and four self-confidence, and maintain a high degree of consistency in Ideological and political action with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core.

Policy treatment:

Two years before the abolition of the previous selection and introduction, the administrative relations and wage relations are linked to the organizational departments of the relevant district-based municipal committees or the Party and masses working departments of the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area Party and Labor Committee, and enjoy the salary treatment of cadres at the same level.

Five years before the introduction of new selection, cadres of the same rank shall enjoy salary treatment.

Management training:

The first two years before the selection and introduction were changed to five years. The contract was signed with the Organizational Department of the municipal Party Committee (Party and Mass Work Department of the Party and Labor Committee of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area), and the Deputy post of science and technology was appointed. The overall arrangement was made in the province, with emphasis on the mountain areas, the old revolutionary areas and the key counties of poverty alleviation and development at the provincial level.

Two years after the introduction of the selection, it will be changed to three years, and the mid-term assessment will be organized by the Organizational Department of the provincial and municipal Party committees (the Party and Mass Work Department of the Party and Labor Committee of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area).

New Deal for Talents

Beginning in June 2017, Xian City has issued the Millions of College StudentsResidence Plan in Xian successively, cutting down the certification documents and procedures for residence applications, opening up the green channel, greatly simplifying the procedures for residence.

Tangshan City has paid 100,000 yuan for the introduction of PhD graduates at home and abroad. In addition to wages, the employer will issue a monthly subsidy of 1000 yuan.

For three consecutive years, the municipal government of Qingdao has issued a subsidy of 15,000 yuan per year for newly introduced domestic doctors.

Where Jinhua City needs to purchase a house in Jinhua for the imported high-level talents, the employer shall grant a one-time subsidy for the purchase of a house. After five yearswork, the right to housing shall be owned by the individual.

Since 2018, many provinces and municipalities have issued new policies for the introduction of talents, including incentives to settle down, measures such as zero threshold to settle down, and even slogans of introducing millions of university graduates in a few years. Among them, while introducing foreign talents vigorously, Shanghai has implemented the Action Plan of Talent Peak Project, which further relaxes the conditions for high-end talents in some fields.

In order to attract talents, many policies have been issued in the fields of settlements, entrepreneurship, scientific research, secure housing and employment, and various preferential policies and subsidies have been given to talents. Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, will raise more than 30,000 housing units for talented people in the future. After ten yearswork, the assessed talents will be entitled to 50% of the property rights of the joint property houses.