The head teacher apologized to the parents who almost lost their jobs by helping uncle sell local products

 The head teacher apologized to the parents who almost lost their jobs by helping uncle sell local products

Parents, Im sorry to tell you here! I did not do the right thing to advertise with you and promote the specialties of parents. You complained me to the Education Bureau and I accepted criticism. Ive been notified by the Education Bureau. Im sorry. Im terribly sorry!

I just came to work in this school this semester, more than 300 kilometers away from home. I left my daughter at home in less than eight months and came here to work and support my family. Maybe I want to introduce the specialties of my hometown to you. Some people think I make a lot of money. I accept your criticism of me. Maybe my husband and I will lose their jobs because of this complaint. I accept criticism. Im sorry!

The incident happened last Friday. Qian Bao reporters knew about it in the group of supervisors of citizens in the off-campus training institute of Hangzhou Education Bureau. After the appearance of these two apology messages, there were great differences among the people in the group.

Someone expressed sympathy and felt that the teacher was actually very hard, to improve their treatment, hope not to punish the teacher, forced by life;

Some people are very rational. They think that rules are rules and systems are systems. They cant break rules just because they are poor.

Some people have made comparisons, and think that this teacher is much less harmful than those in-service teachers who take extra courses, and it is not to buy or sell, just criticize it.

Schools: Its been investigated.

Reported to the Board of Directors

This happened at Yu Ying Experimental School in Linan, a private school built for 8 years, which was set up specially for the children of migrant workers.

The teacher who was reported was newly recruited in September this year. He is now the head teacher of the first grade and a language package class. The report against her is expressed in this way:

1. Teachers from Qiandao Lake sell chickens, ducks and shrimps in their hometown among their parents, and make use of their professional influence to gain profits.

Secondly, the class teacher asks the parents of the poor students to pay extra money, and unifies the training in the class after class.

The head of the school, Mr. Chen, told Qian Bao that he had made an investigation into the matter. It was like this:

This teacher is from Qiandao Lake. She has a brother-in-law who makes crispy candy. Her three sons are not angry. They are difficult at home. She wants to help her sell it, hoping to improve her uncles living conditions. In addition, her mother keeps some chickens at home, and a girl who makes dried sweet potatoes, so she sells them together.

She sent a short message to her parents, that is to say, there was no compulsory sale. Chen said that another thing about making up lessons, he also learned, Parents consulted her earlier, the childs performance is not good, hope to help make up for it. She knew the policy that she could not make up for her lessons, but she did a foolish thing and introduced her students to a classmate. This student is an individual and runs classes outside.

Chen said that the local education department attached great importance to off-campus training, and the school also organized teachers to learn. She still has a general outlook. During the middle and late November, she advised her classmates not to do it. Her classmates listened to the suggestion and stopped it.

President Chen is not very convenient to express his views on this matter. He has reported the findings to the schools board of directors, which decides to deal with the results. I dont support such a thing. Its definitely not allowed, Chen said with emotion. Teachersprofession is different from other professions. Teachers cant do what seems common in other professions. If you are a teacher, you have to be poor.

State of Education Bureau

Sales promotion among parents must not be allowed.

For this matter, Hangzhou Linan District Education Bureau still attaches great importance to, the first time to get in touch with the school to verify.

A staff member of the Personnel Department told reporters that it is definitely not allowed for teachers to promote products among their parents; they are not tutors themselves, but intermediaries are also prohibited.

The staff member said that procedurally, the matter was handled by the school, which finally reported the results to the Bureau of Education. In this summers teacher ethics training, we have repeatedly stressed that some teachers are not allowed, maybe teachers in private schools, in this regard, lack of sensitivity.

Another staff member of Linan District Education Bureau told reporters that from what he learned, the teacher was newly recruited and probably did not know much about many places. She wanted to help her uncle sell her native expertise, but did not know that such a thing was not allowed.

The negative impact of this incident is not very great, I personally think that criticism education is still the main way.

The staff member said that if a public teacher commits such a thing, it also depends on the seriousness of the plot. If he is persistent in teaching, he must deal with it seriously.

Principal Chen said that when he collated the survey materials, he found that the teacher did not force the sale, while taking the initiative to persuade students to stop off off-campus training classes, or have a general outlook.

Im basically satisfied with her. First-year students have to live in school. She takes care of students during the day and stays with them at night. The children have to be breastfed and the grandmother comes to school with her. Its really not easy.

Qian Bao reporters are not convenient to communicate with the teacher. Chen said that her mood is somewhat depressed, but the overall performance is good. She sticks to her position and is very dedicated.

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