I want to catch love! The elementary students application for changing seats is on fire.

 I want to catch love! The elementary students application for changing seats is on fire.

Think of that year, we are all in primary school and teachers and parents fighting wit and courage, and homework to fight for your life and death!

However, geese, now primary school students, people and ghosts are too big. Not only does Ipad play better than us, but even love letters come by hand???

Pupil: I want to catch love

Recently, a pupil caught fire!

He gave his teacher an application for a change of seats: I want to seize love. Love used to be a fantasy for me until...

Seriously want to seize the look of love, superman!

And the teachers reply is also lovely: first sit for a month, the next test 95 points, you can continue!

No hard dismantling of two children, but also encourage him, and like the girls, together to become better, really gentle ah!!

Pupils: First Secret Love

This sixth grade students composition, also once let the netizen see the spring sprout. Isnt this First Endeavour? Why is it the first secret love?

The writing is too good!

Shes like a beam of light that illuminates me...

The concept of love is too right.

Tears for the love of pupils...

Pupil: I really like you!

But dont you really say... Xueba dumped Xueba for several blocks even in his confession.

Your sweet smile makes my heart beat.

I know I shouldnt, but I really like you!

To be honest, what percentage of your heart am I?

How can 87.5% be calculated?

Its sixth grade right away. Its going to be separated.

Finally, let me tell you...

Because love for you is like a bottomless pit

Netizens commentary

It has to be said that todays pupils

Really boundless future!!

Do you know why you are single?

No pupils have tried yet...


Our pupils uuuuuuuuuuuu

Why is that so?

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