Che King Schumacher woke up again? Media clarification: he woke up in 2014

 Che King Schumacher woke up again? Media clarification: he woke up in 2014

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Schumacher, a German car God who has been in a coma for five years, woke up? Family therapy team was silent (source: original)

Che King Schumacher woke up again?

This afternoon, there is the name Miracle! According to the Daily Mail, five years after the skiing accident, Schumacher, the car king, has recovered from a coma, according to the news of Schumacher Awakening.

This not only aroused the Shu Fan peoples voice of gratification and refueling, and even the topic of Schumachers awakening once climbed to the top of the microblog hot search list.

But if you are also one of the forwarders and wishes, then you are probably a pseudo-comfort fan, because...

According to the Guardian and other foreign media reports, as early as 2014, Schumacher has woken up!

If you smell this onion, maybe the King of Che on the other side of the ocean will sneeze a lot too!

Source: Li Tianyi_NN7528, responsible editor of Beijing News