Zhengzhou cracked down a gang of abductors and traffickers and rescued three principal criminals for 10 years

 Zhengzhou cracked down a gang of abductors and traffickers and rescued three principal criminals for 10 years

BEIJING, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) Zhengzhou, early December, a case of abduction and trafficking of mentally retarded women was tried in Zhengzhou Railway Transport Court. Zhu Moxi, the principal offender of the case, was convicted of the crime of abduction and trafficking of women. He was sentenced to 10 yearsimprisonment and fined 30,000 yuan. So far, the Zhengzhou police transferred to five provinces and spent half a year to solve the case of abduction and trafficking of women. Eight of the 10 suspects involved have been sentenced, and three rescued women have been able to return to their families.

The case began with an ID card.

On February 2, this year, at the ticket gate of Zhengzhou East Railway Station, ticket inspectors found that a female passenger ticket, card and personal information were inconsistent and suspected of using another persons identity card to ride on a bus. The middle-aged man accompanying her insisted that the person on the identity card was a female passenger and forced her to enter the station. The police on duty at the station rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the police.

Police investigation found that the man, Zhu Mouxi, 48 years old, had been handled by the public security organs according to law for kidnapping, hostage prostitution and other illegal and criminal acts, and was released after serving his sentence. The woman was mentally disturbed and could not tell her name and family.

The picture shows the abducted woman (second left) returning to her family. Du Zhongya photo

After patiently inquiring, the police finally learned from the woman that she wanted to work in Guangzhou after divorce, and was controlled by a boss in the rental house at Guangzhou Railway Station on the grounds of looking for a job. Together with Zhu Mouxi, the woman was beaten and scolded repeatedly, coercing and luring her to obey. It is intended to be sold somewhere in Henan.

Knowing this, the police station of Zhengzhou East Railway Station immediately reported the case to the criminal police detachment of Zhengzhou Railway Public Security Department and set up a special team.

Through electronic data survey, the project team found that Zhu Mouxi had been introduced for many times. The investigator concluded that the man had been suspected of several abductions of women. Through screening the missing persons database, the rescued abducted woman is Zheng Mou, 29, from Mayang, Hunan Province. The police contacted her family and the abducted woman was able to return to her family.

Relying on the existing clues, investigators of the special task force traveled to Guangdong, Henan, Shandong and Hunan provinces to verify and capture a country that was ready to buy Zhengs buyer Valley. Gumou admitted the crime of preparing to buy Zheng Mou, a abducted woman. According to his account: Zheng Mou was bought from Zhu Mouxi to sell to his cousin Gu Moulong as his daughter-in-law.

After Gumou was netted, members of the project team also learned the criminal fact that Zhu Mouxi and others sold Yan Moulin, a 29-year-old Hunan Zhizhi woman, to Cao County, Shandong Province, on December 22, 2017; and Wang Moufu, a 31-year-old Henan Zhizhi woman, to a village in Shangqiu City, Henan Province, on January 13, 2018.

On March 5, the special group went to Shangqiu in Henan Province and Caoxian in Shandong Province to rescue two abducted women. And will be involved in the control of the buyer.

According to the social generation of Jin Mou, Jin Mou Kui, Wang Moufu and Wang Moufu involved in the two cases, because Jin Mou and Wang Moufu could not find their daughters-in-law all the year round, they aroused distortions and spent 30,000 yuan each to marry their daughters-in-law from Zhu Mouxi.

In the face of ironclad facts, the suspect Zhu Mouxi explained the criminal facts of his accomplices Zhang Mouyong and Wang Mouyong abducting and selling Yan Moulin, Luo Mouchun and Li Moude abducting and selling Yang Mou and Zheng Mouyong respectively. So far, a criminal gang of abducting and selling women has emerged in Guangzhou on the grounds of introducing work and introducing objects.

On June 10, with the last suspect Wang Mou falling into the net, it took more than 100 days to transfer to Henan, Shandong, Guangzhou, Hunan and Guizhou provinces. With the unremitting efforts of the special task force, all the suspects in the 2.02 abduction and trafficking of women fell into the net.

According to the criminal suspects account, the special task force cleared up all their criminal facts: the gang consisted of five people who wandered around Guangzhou Railway Station, Metro Pass and other places where there was a large flow of people. After finding out the mentally handicapped women, they lured them into the rental house for the purpose of introducing their work and introducing the objects, controlled their personal freedom by violent means, and sold them after finding out the buyers. u3002

Reporters learned that the 2.02 case of abduction and trafficking of women captured five members of the criminal gang of abduction and trafficking of women, bought five suspects of abduction and trafficking of women, and rescued three abducted and trafficked women. At present, each of the 10 suspects involved has been transferred to prosecution, and 8 of them have been sentenced in court.

Zhu Mouxi, the principal offender, was sentenced to 10 yearsimprisonment with a fine of 30,000 yuan; Guo Mouchun, the principal offender, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment with a fine of 20,000 yuan; Zhang Mouyong, the principal offender, was sentenced to five yearsimprisonment with a fine of 10,000 yuan. The buyer Jinmou, Jinmoukui, Wang Moufu and Wang Moushe were all sentenced to one year and two yearsprobation with a fine of 5,000 yuan. Gu was sentenced to six monthsimprisonment and one years probation. The other two suspects, Wang Mou and Li Moud, have not yet been sentenced in court, and waiting for them will be severely punished by law.

Source: Author of CNN: Han Zhangyun, Wang Xu, responsible editor: Li Tianyi_NN7528