Womens bank card 27,000 yuan disappeared and was stolen by her son.

 Womens bank card 27,000 yuan disappeared and was stolen by her son.

On December 16, when Ms. Yang, a rural citizen of Bodang County in Shangqiu Civil Rights County, went to the bank to withdraw money, she found that only 3000 yuan remained in the bank card. Ms. Yang kept the card in the cabinet, and only she knew it. Ms. Yang then suspected that her bank card had been stolen and brushed by criminals. After reporting the case, after inquiring the police station of Bodang of the Civil Rights County Public Security Bureau, it was found that the criminal who stole and swiped bank cards was actually Ms. Yangs son in her twenties.

On December 16, Ms. Yang, a rural resident of Bodang County in Shangqiu Civil Rights County, went to the bank to collect money because of the illness of the elderly at home. After the inquiry, we found that our bank had lost 27,000 yuan, and only 3,000 yuan was left in the deposit of 30,000 yuan. Ms. Kayang, who had never used this bank card in her own cabinet, was worried about being stolen and brushed by criminals. She rushed to the police station of the Bodang Police Station of the Civil Rights County Public Security Bureau to report to the police immediately.

Because my bank card is not tied to my mobile phone. So when the money was transferred, it didnt receive a text message. Ms. Yang said that she had also checked with her husband that he had not used her bank card to withdraw money. So, why did the 27,000 yuan disappear?

In order to help Ms. Yang find out where the money is going, police Wang Yiyi took Ms. Yang to the bank to inquire about the banks running water, and found that the money on her card was transferred dozens of times, each time the amount of transfer was not large, unlike piracy.

We asked if MS Yang had tied this card to Taobao, Alipay and other payment platforms, and Ms. Yang had no impression. As soon as Wang changed his way of thinking, he inquired about the direction of transfer.

After combing the police and bank staff, it was found that these transfer records on Ms. Yangs bank card were transferred from the same third-party platform. After inquiry, this third-party platform is a game recharge platform, and since April 2017 to date in the transfer site, many transactions are recorded in Xinjiang.

As soon as Ms. Yang patted her head, she immediately called her son who worked in Xinjiang. Her son denied it. Ms. Yang then sent her son the recharge record of the third-party game platform. The son later admitted to swiping his mothers bank card.

It is reported that Ms. Yangs son, who is in his twenties, works in Xinjiang with Mrs. and Mrs. Yang. She usually likes to play some online games. All the money he stole is used to buy game equipment. Ms. Yangs son thought that every time she filled up a little money, the amount was not large, her mother should not be able to find out, but unexpectedly accumulated more than 27,000 yuan, unconsciously spent her mothers hard-earned money almost squandered. After criticizing and educating the police, Ms. Yangs son realized her mistake, apologized to her mother and promised that he would not recharge the game in the future.

Source: Dahe Net - Dahe Newspaper Responsible Editor: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310