The family sweated when the woman collapsed at the door of her neighbors house just after taking a bath.

 The family sweated when the woman collapsed at the door of her neighbors house just after taking a bath.

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The woman had just finished her bath when she collapsed in front of her neighbours house and her family was scared into sweat.

When Ms. Xiao of Jian, Jiangxi Province, took a bath with a gas water heater, she was unfortunately poisoned by carbon monoxide. Fortunately, she felt the danger in time and quickly asked her neighbors for help before she escaped the disaster.

On December 9, when Ms. Xiao of Jishui County took a bath in the bathroom with a gas water heater, the bathroom doors and windows were closed. After taking a bath, she felt dizzy and limply. She wanted to find a neighbor on the fourth floor to take her to the hospital. She fell to the ground as soon as she arrived at the neighbors door, just as the neighbor heard the voice and ran out.

After two days of treatment, Ms. Xiao was out of danger. After gas company inspection, Ms. Xiaos family because of long-term closed use of water heaters, and several people bathed for a long time on the same day, a slight gas leakage occurred, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. Gan Weizhong, director of emergency department of Jishui Peoples Hospital, told reporters that every winter, the hospital can receive some patients with gas poisoning.

Gan Weizhong, Director of Emergency Department of Jishui Peoples Hospital, said: Do not burn in a closed environment, open windows and ventilate frequently. It is better to install gas and water heater separately in the bathroom, and check the water heater pipeline for leakage frequently.

Industry insiders reminded that citizens should regularly check whether their gas cookers and gas water heaters have passed their service life, not over-age service, leaving potential safety hazards. Whether gas cookers or gas water heaters, professional personnel should be sought for standard installation.

Zeng Zeqin, Customer Service Director of Gas Company, said: When choosing and purchasing stoves, we must choose stoves with extinguishing protection, water heaters must choose strong exhaust water heaters. Water heaters are strictly prohibited to be installed in bathrooms, flues must be installed and discharged outdoors.

If dizziness, headache, vomiting and other symptoms occur during heating or using gas water heater, it is necessary to open the door and window for ventilation at the first time, turn off the gas valve and dial 120 outdoors. Even if the symptoms have been alleviated, timely medical examination should also be conducted.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Ji Xueying_NN6784