Amazing! A Ukrainian man forgot his rocket launcher in a taxi

 Amazing! A Ukrainian man forgot his rocket launcher in a taxi

Rocket launchers recovered from luggage (Source: Todays Russian Network)

Overseas Network, Dec. 18, Ukrainian police said on Dec. 18 that recently, in Nicopol, Ukraine, a taxi driver found a passengers luggage in the back seat and reported the case. Police subsequently found a rocket launcher in the luggage.

According to todays Russian website, the official website of Ukrainian police released a report on the 18th: Recently, Ukrainian police found a bag containing RPG-22 rocket launcher in Nicopol, Dnebropetrovsk, during the process of checking the lost baggage, and confiscated it afterwards.

Ukrainian police said the rocket launcher had been sent to the authorities for inspection and the owner of the weapon had been identified as a 50-year-old local resident. Police investigation revealed that the man had a criminal record. At present, the local prosecution is considering the issue of prosecution and sentencing.

It is reported that Nicopol, Ukraine, is an important industrial town with a well-known seamless steel pipe factory and the largest ferroalloy factory in the country.

Source: Author of Overseas Network: Wang Mengtang Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331