Short list of Oscar candidates for technical awards

 Short list of Oscar candidates for technical awards

Avengers Alliance 3

Netease Entertainment reported on December 18, Beijing time. A short list of candidates for the Oscars was released. On January 22, next year, it announced the final nomination of five seats:

Best Foreign Language Film

Migratory birds


The Work of No Owner

The ThievesFamily

Little Boy



The Cold War


Best Visual Effects

Ant Man 2

Avengers Alliance 3

The Black Panther

Christopher Robin

Jurassic World 2

Happy Man 2

Player Number One

Solo the Ranger

Welcome to Marvin Town

Best documentary feature

City of Charm


Crime and Punishment

Black money

Barking Dogs in the Distance

Bare-handed Climbing

Days and Nights in Hale County

Skateboarding Boys

Children of Terrorists

Her Mission

Ruth Bud Ginsberg


Silence of Others

Twin Strangers

Neighborhood with Me

Best Makeup and Hair Style

Rhapsody of Bohemia


Queen Mary

Stan and Ollie

The Storm of the Wind

Vice President

Best Original Score - Motion Picture


Avengers Alliance 3

Ballads of Baster Skruggs

The Black Panther

The Black Party

Gold Picking Margin

Death of Stalin

Magic Animal 2

The First Man on the Moon

If Bill Street could Speak

Island of Dogs

Happy Man 2

Silent Land

Player Number One

Vice President

Best original song

WhenACowboy Trades HisSpurs ForWings Ballads of Baster Skruggs

Treasure, Beautiful Boys

All The Stars Panther

Revelation, The Wiped Boy

GirlIn The Movies

WeWont Move Your Hostility

The Place Where Lost Things Go Happy Man 2

TripALittle Light Fantastic Happy Man 2

Keep Reachin, Kunxi

Ill Fight Ruth Bud Ginsberg

APlace Called Slaughter Race

OYAHYTT, Sorry to Disturb

Shallow, Birth of a Star


The Big Unknown The Widow Robbery