Baidu found a fake special repair shop and 210,000 watches were damaged.

 Baidu found a fake special repair shop and 210,000 watches were damaged.

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Baidu has found 210,000 counterfeit special repair shops whose watches have been repaired (Source:)

In February this year, Ms. Yang, a Hangzhou citizen, bought a Langer watch worth RMB 210,000 in Switzerland. She was very happy. However, the pleasure of the watch did not last long. After only half a year, Ms. Yang said to the reporter, Its depressing! We ordinary people shouldnt buy such expensive watches!

The Langer watch, worth $210,000, has a slightly raised calendar frame before maintenance.

Originally, in August this year, Ms. Yang found her Langer watch calendar frame slightly warped. She searched online for Hangzhou Langer Special Maintenance Store. A shop named Jingshihengda Watch Maintenance Center ranked among the top search results.

Ms. Yang sent her watch to the maintenance center. After repairing, the calendar frame did not warp, but something white like wallpaper on the surface of the dial was broken and some fingerprints.

Depressed Ms. Yang asked her friends to take the watch to the original factory in Germany. The answer was that the watch was badly damaged and needed to pay 30,000 yuan for repairing.

Ms. Yang complained to Jingshi Hengda and hoped that the merchant would compensate 30,000 yuan for the maintenance fee. But Jingshi Hengda refused to pay compensation and only promised to help Ms. Yang repair her watch. How can I trust them when they fix it for me? In desperation, Ms. Yang complained to 12345 and Zhejiang Onlines Consumer Small Siki column.

The original factory was identified as disassembled and assembled by unofficial organizations

Jingshi Hengda Displays Hangzhou Official After-Sale Maintenance Service Center

At first, the calendar frame of Ms. Yangs depressed Langer watch was slightly raised. I look for the official repair point on the watch warranty card, but its all in English, and I cant understand it, so I have to go to Baidu search.

Reporters saw that Jingshi Hengda Watch Maintenance Center on the Internet publicized as Langer Authorized Maintenance Center and Hangzhou Official After-Sale Maintenance Service Center. Headquartered in Beijing, there are two stores in Hangzhou, one located on the 30th floor of Block C, Kun and Center of Hangzhou Mansion, and the other located on the 26th floor of Block B, Huarun Mansion of Vientiane City. Among the official after-sales service brands, there are not only Langer, but also many famous brand names such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Jiang Sidanton and so on.

For the sake of insurance, Ms. Yang also called Jingshi Hengda, and got their reply, saying that Langers Hangzhou Special Maintenance Point.

After repairing, the test report issued by Jingshihengda shows that the watch has a knock mark on the case. It was still under a one-year warranty, but they said the damage to the watch was caused by impact, so they had to pay for it. Ms. Yang paid 1600 yuan for maintenance.

However, the so-called official repair shop has broken Ms. Yangs watch. Reporters can see from the photos presented by Ms. Yang that there is indeed a defect on the dial next to the calendar frame; moreover, according to Ms. Yang, the repaired watch will slow down for two or three hours.

After negotiation, Jingshi Hengda saved Ms. Yang 1600 yuan in maintenance costs. Later, Ms. Yang asked her friend to take the watch to Langers factory in Germany. The test report showed that: The watch suffered serious impact. There were deep scratches on the ring and crown. The pointer had dust, fingerprints and corrosion. The ring could not be repaired and could only be replaced. Moreover, watches were disassembled and assembled by unofficial organizations. The total cost of maintenance and replacement is 30,000 yuan.

Jingshi Hengda person in charge: viscose when not intentionally encountered

Hangzhou Mansion has nothing to do with Jingshi Hengda

This morning, the reporter met Master Li, who is in charge of Jingshi Hengda in Kunhe Center. Master Li said that the defect of the dial was caused by accidentally bumping into the side when sticking on the calendar frame. Because Ms. Yang was not satisfied, they had refunded 1600 yuan for maintenance.

Master Li said that he was from Fujian Province. He first worked as a watchmaker in Xiamen. Later, he came to Hangzhou on the recommendation of his friends. He was only a part-time worker and a watchmaker. The reporter asked if Master Li had the so-called National Certified Technician Qualifications on the website. Master Li said, Originally, I took the exam, but now Im old and my eyes are not good. I havent taken the exam for many years. Asked about the qualifications of meter repair technicians in the shop, Master Li said it was not clear that he was only in charge of supervising everyone to punch in and pay salaries. He said that Jingshihengda of Hangzhou Mansion is an affiliated store of Beijing Headquarters.

Reporters in Ms. Yangs warranty card see that Langers official certification of Hangzhou maintenance point is only one, located in Block A of Hangzhou Building.

Hangzhou Mansion staff told reporters that the watch repair counter in Block A had moved to Block D long ago. It is also the only recognized watch repair point in Hangzhou Mansion. Jingshihengda, located in Kunhe Center, has nothing to do with them. In addition, the Watch Service Center of Hangzhou Mansion can not repair Langer watches. Langers official authorized maintenance point is in Shanghai.

Reporters saw that in Hangzhou Mansion B and C between the overpass, hanging a timeliness Hengda watch repair advertisement.

On the corridor between Block B and Block C of Hangzhou Mansion, there are advertisements for maintenance of timeliness Hengda watch.

Reporters coordinated Jingshi Hengda agreed to pay 20,000 yuan compensation.

Reporters inquire about the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Kunhe Center Jingshi Hengda Co., Ltd. is called Beijing Jingshi Hengda Clock and Watch Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch, the registration status is survival, business scope also includes the maintenance of clocks and cameras.

Coordination by reporters, Jingshi Hengda agreed to compensate Ms. Yang for 20,000 yuan loss fee. Ms. Yang expressed her satisfaction with the result.

Source: Zhejiang News Client Responsible Editor: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279