Mourinho seems to have left nothing at Manchester United in the past three years, except for the air.

 Mourinho seems to have left nothing at Manchester United in the past three years, except for the air.

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This seasons Manchester United League performance is poor, 0-3 defeat against Spurs after the end of the game, Mourinho has won the Premier League honor to fight back the questioners attack, a succession of three RESPECT! uuuuuuuu

Mourinho was angry with reporters as he stretched out three finger strokes. Three fingers, do you know what this means? Ive won three Premier League championships, and Ive won more than the other 19 coaches in the Premier League combined! They add up to only two. Respect! Respect! Respect!

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Listen to the boos of Juventus fans

In the Champions League group tournament to Turin, Manchester United eventually reversed their 2-1 victory over their opponents in the face of a first goal loss. After winning the game, the proud Mourinho put his hand to his ear to listen, provoking the Juventus fans who booed Manchester United.

As a former Inter coach, Magic Bird also embarrassed Juve, no wonder the fans at Allianz gave him a huge boo. After winning the game, the arrogant Mourinho had the courage to provoke the home fans, and his indifferent personality was fully displayed. Even Bonucci and Dibala, who wanted theory after he finished his movements, demanded explanation.

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Returning to Stamford Bridge to read seconds will never be provoked

Returning to the Stamford Bridge game between Manchester United and Chelsea, Mourinho was upset when he was defeated by his opponent in the final overtime reading second. Chelsea coach Surreys assistant Marco Ianni deliberately ran to Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho to make a provocative gesture, provoking Mourinho. Iani returned directly to the dressing room after the provocation, and the irascible Portuguese rushed to the front of the theory, almost triggering a conflict, but Mourinho was held by other staff and finally calmed the matter down. Of course, Mourinho was not the initiator of the conflict objectively, but it became a classic in his later years at Manchester United.

Raging water bottles to celebrate the killing

Manchester United won a tough victory in the Champions League against the equally strong young Bern man, who was defeated by Ferraini until the final stoppage time. After Ferraini scored, Mourinho totally ignored the celebration of the players. To vent on the sidelines alone may be a long backlog of depression. He first put the whole tank of water to his side with his feet, then took it up with his hands and pounded a whole box of drinks on the ground.

At that time, the background was that Manchester Uniteds League was not in a good mood and the Champions League was not good enough. Faced with a far weaker opponent, I am afraid that winning the game is more exciting and happy than winning itself. The most essential voice is the release of pressure on the thrilling three points.

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Touch the railings angrily, dissatisfied with the referees face, comfort the fans

Manchester United fought against Arsenal and Ferraini and Torrera fought for the ball at the end of the match. The Belgian foul was awarded by referee Marina for seemingly normal physical contact between the two sides. Mourinho was very dissatisfied with the decision. He jumped from his seat and ran to the side of the stairway and kicked hard at the guardrail. Just dont know if Mourinhos back foot hurts after kicking the iron guy?

On the other side of the fence, a small fan seemed to be frightened by Mourinhos mania. As a result, the Portuguese, in order to comfort the children, immediately showed a brilliant smile on their face, and especially leaned over the fence and applauded the little boy.