Evening News | Jia Yueting refused to accept legal document iOS 12.1.2 to avoid Qualcomm patent

 Evening News | Jia Yueting refused to accept legal document iOS 12.1.2 to avoid Qualcomm patent

The statement issued by Taoyun Capital said that the solemn statement on the economic disputes between Taoyun Capital and Lexin Holdings is black and white, ridiculous and full of lies and malice, just like what Lexin has done to our company and many investment institutions in the past few years. At present, Jia Yueting hides behind the door of his luxury house and refuses to accept any legal documents. [Link to the original

Tesla Shanghai will invest 50 billion yuan and put into operation in 2019

Teslas Gigafactory 3 has a total investment of 50 billion yuan and a first phase investment of 16 billion yuan. In the initial stage, the assembly line will be built to realize Teslas home-made as soon as possible. (21st Century Economic Report)

Qualcomm: Even if the software is upgraded, Apple still violates the injunction of Chinese courts

According to foreign media reports, Qualcomm, an American mobile chip maker, said that despite a software update launched Monday by Apple, the company believed that Apple still violated a Chinese court ban on the sale of the iPhone. [Link to the original

IOS 12.1.2 release: App forcibly withdraws new animation to avoid Qualcomm patents

Apple released its latest iOS operating system, 12.1.2, early this morning. iOS 12.1.2 includes fixes for the iPhone problem. The third is the introduction of new animation when the application is forced to withdraw, which is aimed at Qualcomms ban on the sale of Apple devices in China. (PingWest Play)

FF employeessocial media exposure is also called offline two FF91

FF employees in the social media Mapping said that with the efforts of all engineers, a total of difficult times, and successfully off-line two pre-production vehicles. Recently, foreign media said that the U.S. court froze 33% of the FF company owned by Faraday Future (FF) CEO Jia Yueting, and issued a temporary restraint order on four California luxury houses owned by Jia Yueting. [Link to the original

Global Times: The USs Suppression of Huawei is the Largest Science and Technology Injustice Case in Contemporary Times

According to a Global Times article, the United States not only rejects Huaweis products from telecommunications equipment to mobile phones, but also requires its allies to exclude Huawei equipment from 5G network construction, on the grounds that Huawei equipment may threaten the network security of these countries, especially the security of military communications between those countries and the United States. (Global Times) [link

Jin Li Walks to the Edge of Bankruptcy: Is it because of gambling or over-advertising?

A court ruling Jinli bankruptcy news brings Jinli this enterprise into everyones vision, although confirmed by Jinli, only accept bankruptcy applications, not rulings, but Jinli did enter the bankruptcy process. How can mobile phone manufacturers, which once shipped nearly 40 million units a year, step by step step step into bankruptcy? [Link to the original

Liu Qiangdong once criticized Shi Yuzhu for selling health care products and earned tens of billions of dollars.

Recently, Shi Yuzhu, chairman of Giant Network, said on his microblog that he had established several rules in the United States, such as not drinking, not meeting female students abroad, if he violates any of the above, he will be sentenced to castration. It is generally believed that this is a satire on Liu Qiangdong. Two years ago, Liu Qiangdong also ran Shi Yuzhu, and they had already settled a grudge. It is worth noting that Shi Yuzhu and Ma Yun, who are not compatible with Liu Qiangdong, have a lot of friendship. (Wall Street News)

Huawei announced that it has won 25 5G commercial contracts with revenue exceeding $100 billion

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. announced Tuesday that it has won more than 25 5G commercial contracts, is a global leader in 5G commercial contracts, and has shipped more than 10,000 5G base stations. (Finance and Economics Network) [Link to the original text

Inventor of copy-and-paste function died at the age of 93

Evelyn Berezin, an engineer who invented the great word-processing function of copy-and-paste, was diagnosed with lymphoma months ago. Evelyn chose not to receive treatment and died earlier this month at the age of 93. (IT Home) [Link to the original