Putin: Russia will concentrate on developing new weapons and hope that some people will respect them.

 Putin: Russia will concentrate on developing new weapons and hope that some people will respect them.

Putin said he hoped that Russias new weapons would make people who are used to making aggressive statements self-esteem. (Source: Russian Satellite News Agency)

Overseas Network, December 18 (local time), Tuesday (18), Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an expanded meeting of the Defense Ministry Committee that Russia would focus on developing new weapons to effectively respond to other countriesmissile defense systems, and hoped that those accustomed to making aggressive statements would respect themselves.

According to Russian Satellite News Agency, Putin said that strengthening defense capabilities and resisting external threats remain key challenges facing Russia. Strengthening national defense capabilities, safeguarding national security and establishing reliable safeguards against external threats have been and remain our key tasks, he said. It needs to be emphasized that our political leadership, government leadership, the whole society and the people of the whole country are well aware of the importance of these tasks.

In his speech, Putin also referred to the new weapons systems that Russia has developed, saying that these systems have doubled the defensive capabilities of the Russian army and navy. The new weapons system is reliable and unconditional to ensure Russias security in the coming decades, to strengthen the balance of power, and thus to ensure world stability.

Putin also expressed the hope that Russias new weapons system would make those accustomed to militarism and aggressive speech self-esteem. Putin pointed out that Russia will focus on equipping its military with weapons capable of breaking through missile defense systems, such as Avangard hypersonic boost glider missiles. We need to intensify our efforts to transform into a modern weapon country with advanced capabilities and effectively respond to missile defense systems. Putin said.

U.S. President Trump said earlier that the United States intends to withdraw from the Guidance Treaty. Putin responded: The U.S. remarks about withdrawing from the Guidance Treaty are extremely worrying. This move will have the most negative consequences and will significantly weaken regional and global security. In fact, it may lead to the weakening or even collapse of the entire monitoring system for the Non-Proliferation of conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction in the future.

Putin added that the United States withdrew from the Guidance Treaty on the pretext of fabrication, and that they had violated its provisions for a long time. At the same time, he stressed that no matter how dissatisfied with the Guidance Treaty, it still played a stabilizing role. If the United States withdraws from the Guidance Treaty, Russia will take more measures to strengthen its security.

Putin also said that nothing would affect the agreement to let other countries join the China Guidance Treaty. Other countries with medium-range and short-range missiles have not acceded to the Treaty, but what factors affect the initiation of negotiations on their accession to the existing treaty or their participation in discussions on the terms of the new treaty?

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