Sun Anzo inherited his parentsclothes and bowls into the Performing Arts circle? My four-word response

 Sun Anzo inherited his parentsclothes and bowls into the Performing Arts circle? My four-word response

Netease Entertainment reported on December 18 that after 260 days in US custody, Sun Anzo returned home in the evening of December 12. First, he changed his social networking posts and put on 82 seconds of retraining movies, which aroused a heated discussion about his sturdy stature. In addition, Shen Yulin, a ridiculous master, praised him for his suitability in the entertainment circle. Faced with the curiosity of the outside world, he would consider developing into the entertainment circle. I gave the answer myself.

Sun Anzo was repatriated to Taiwan by the United States on the 12th. When he appeared at Taoyuan Airport, he not only responded calmly, but also smiled several times in the face of the media waiting for the huge battle on the spot. In response, Di Zhiwei, a veteran celebrity, said in the program Sudden Girl Thoughts that Sun Anzo shouted I want to see animation before returning to Taiwan and smiled again. He admitted that he was frightened and thought that the other party was different from ordinary people. People in general should not be able to laugh and be frightened to death when facing such a big event. If I had a hole on the ground, I would go down.

Di Zhiwei added, There is nothing wrong with laughter, but I really dont know what it means to laugh. When Sun Anzo returned home, he successively changed the big head stickers of social networking websites into crossbows and 18 banned animation. He couldnt help but sigh and say, Family education really needs to be strengthened again. In addition, Di Zhiwei disclosed that when Sun Anzo left the customs, some police officers privately said that when the criminal Bureau handed over with the United States, he (Sun Anzo) will make you afraid to see that look in peoples eyes.

However, Sun Anzo recently sunned 82 seconds of retraining movies, showing off his muscles in the gym and surprising his sturdy figure. He also talks to netizens through his social networking account. Faced with curiosity, someone asked, Did you practice in prison? Did anyone fight with you? He responded generously that in prison, as long as they know how to respect others, others will respect them. Everybody gets along well. Deny the previous crazy rumors that he was in prison is chaotic, and this public interaction, he was happy to chat about fitness and animation-related topics, can be said to be a question-and-answer, unexpectedly attracted a lot of praise from netizens.

When Shen Yulin was interviewed at the event recently, she revealed that she thought Sun Anzo had good appearance and his parents were both actors. They should have no problem with acting skills. If they had not been improper brokers, they would have wanted to sign Sun Anzo. Therefore, the outside world wondered whether Sun Anzo would want to inherit Ding and Sun Pengs clothes and break into the Star River. However, in the face of some netizens to advise, Suggestions do not wantonly step into the Performing Arts circle, there is a bit of chaos! Just shoot more movies and share with you, Sun Anzo also wrote a message in person and responded: No plan.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736