Xu Jiayus 2018: Only by training tired dog can the opponent be cruelly treated as a dog.

 Xu Jiayus 2018: Only by training tired dog can the opponent be cruelly treated as a dog.

In fact, Xu Jiayus 2018 is perfect enough. After becoming world champion last year in Budapest, he swept five gold medals at this years Asian Games, then broke the world record of 100 meters backstroke in short pool in November.

So, how far is it from the Olympic champion for this young man who aspires to be the handlebar of the Chinese swimming army?

He is a weak-hearted child.

Looking back on his 2018, Xu Jiayu said most of the words are there is no beginning or end.

On the evening of December 16, at the 2008 FINA Annual Awards Ceremony, Xu Jiayu won the most breakthrough award of Ali Sports China. At the awards ceremony, he said, Although this happy ending has not been painted perfectly, it will surely get better and better in the future.

Xu Jiayu, who won the sixth place in the 200m backstroke final that evening, said the same thing. He said calmly, Theres no beginning or end, but its still a perfect ending. This time, its almost possible to achieve something on the short pool.

Xu Jiayu broke the mens 100m backstroke world record at the FINA Short Pool World Cup Tokyo Station.

Looking back at the whole Hangzhou Short Pool World Championship, Xu Jiayu succumbed to the runner-up in his main 100-meter backstroke with a disadvantage of 0.03 seconds. After the competition, he bowed to the reporters in tears and said, Im sorry!

Too heavy burden has always been Xu Jiayus problem in the competition, even his disciple Li Zhuhao said he was nervous. To this point, Xu Guoyi, my teacher, confessed to the surging journalist, He is a more introverted child because he is very weak from the point of caution.

I told him,This is a game, nothing. The gold medal coach also tried to comfort his apprentices. When you come to the big game in the future, when you come to Tokyo, the pressure may be greater than this. Winning or losing is instantaneous.

Fu Yuanhui comforted Xu Jiayu.

From Xu Guoyis point of view, this competition is a good experience for Xu Jiayu. Especially in this 100-meter backstroke, almost all the top swimmers have come, including four who have broken the world record and two Olympic champions.

In fact, Xu Jiayus unsatisfactory performance also has some objective factors. Because the competition venues are renovated by tennis halls, the ceiling is decorated, which has a great impact on backstroke swimmers, such as Fu Yuanhui, Liu Xiang and other backstroke masters have said that they swam askew.

Nevertheless, Xu Guoyi said that he could not emphasize the objective reasons. There are also reasons for the ceiling, but under the same conditions do not emphasize this, lose is lose, prove that he is not strong enough, not good enough, then come again.

Xu Jiayu cried in Sun Yangs arms during the 2017 World Tour.

New Handlebars of Chinese Swimming Team

After winning the World Championship last year in Budapest, Xu Jiayu said to Sun Yang with tears in his eyes: Brother Yang, I will carry the handlebars with you in the future. You are no longer alone anymore. Today, Turtle is trying to keep his promise.

At this years Asian Games in Jakarta, Turtle swept five gold medals, including three individual champions from 50 meters to 200 meters, and two relay events.

Less than three months later, Xu Jiayu had his first world record in his career. At the Short Pool World Cup in Tokyo in November, he rewrote the world record of 48.88 seconds for Russian player Kolesnikov.

At the Jakarta Asian Games, Xu Jiayu won five gold medals.

From Changchis achievements, Xu Jiayu is also excellent. In the 100-metre backstroke, he ranked second in the world this year, behind the famous American Murphy; in the 200-metre backstroke, he ranked third, behind the Russian stars Ralov and Murphy...

We gradually found that the former Internet addiction teenager has gradually shouldered the responsibility of swimming in China.

Xu Guoyi told Peng Mei that Xu Jiayu usually trained hard and had strong execution. I often told him,Only when you train yourself to be like a dog in training, can you possibly abuse others into dogs in competition. Although this sentence is rough, it is not.

Your conditions can not be compared with others, those European and American players are tall, genetically better than you, if you do not exceed that kind of pay, you will not be able to defeat the opponent.

Xu Jiayu and coach Xu Guoyi.

If Tokyo wants to win the championship, it must eliminate interference

What if I lose? I will always be the best! Xu Jiayu, 23, is still confident of himself, although he did not win a gold medal in the Short Pool World Championship. He believes that all setbacks are a trial for him.

Whether it goes well or fails, its a very good experience for me. If none of these can be faced, then the failure of the Olympic Games may be a great blow to me. Anyway, life still has to go forward, my goal is to put on the Olympic Games.

Less than two years before the Tokyo Olympics, Turtle also admitted that its project competition is fierce, the main rivals are all seen, very strong, and there are still dark horses emerging.

Handsome Xu Jiayu.

From Xu Guoyis point of view, Xu Jiayus main rivals in backstroke are Murphy and Ralov. Xu Jiayus advantage lies in technology. His starting and turning are world-class, including the timeliness of each action, but we can still improve and keep improving.

For us, technology comes first. If we compete with our opponents, we cant compete. Good technology must be energy-saving, economic, and athletesbodies will not be greatly hurt.

Of course, in order to finally stand on the top podium of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Xu Guoyi believes that the turtle must overcome all kinds of interference from the outside world. First of all, we should do our best in life. If we do not have self-discipline in life, it will be difficult to have high-quality training, which will also affect our performance.

Xu Jiayu is in Hangzhou Short Pool World Championship.

Xu Guoyi also told Peng Mei that the team members will rest for about a week after the end of the Short Pool World Championship, and then they will go to Kunming for winter training on December 25 to prepare for next years Guangzhou World Championship and the next years Olympic Games.

What we are doing now is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. I still believe he can make a breakthrough.

Source: Peng Ling News Author: Liable Editor of Li Qiong: Luting_NS5242