Ex-wife Fawen denounced Mao Jianqing: Mao Xiaosan, playing with women in nightclubs, and drinking all day long.

 Ex-wife Fawen denounced Mao Jianqing: Mao Xiaosan, playing with women in nightclubs, and drinking all day long.

A standard prodigal son in Chinese football, famous in the Chinese A League, that well-known era of chaos, since then, alcoholism, fighting, everything! The Shanghai Shenhua genius who once killed Brazil in the Toulon Cup, Mao Jianqing was completely drowned by wine.

It can be seen that Mao Jianqings ability at that time was so terrible. Mao Jianqing played 37 times for Yongchang in Shijiazhuang in the season of 2015 and 2016, scoring 9 goals and 2 assists. Among them, Yan Junling, the main goalkeeper of the Chinese National Team, has broken through the ten-finger pass. If it hadnt been for Mao Jianqings cruciate ligament tear in 2016, Yongchang Shijiazhuang would probably not have been demoted in 2016.

With the downgrading of Yongchang in Shijiazhuang, coach Wu Jingui took over from Shenhua in Shanghai, which also brought about the return of Mao Jianqing. Back to Shanghai Shenhua, Mao Jianqing played 21 games in Shanghai Shenhua in 2017, scored 3 goals, contributed 2 assists, and even returned to the national team once! But Shanghais flower world is full of temptation! In 2017, at the year-end summary meeting of Shenhua, Mao Jianqings rap made fans crazy about it!

However, it is this rap that makes Mao Jianqings life change again. In the 2018 season, Mao Jianqing only played 11 games. On April 29, when Shanghai Shenhua hosted Dalian, Mao Jianqing gradually disappeared from Shanghai Shenhua team and from the fansworld. And Mao Jianqing has news again, that is, in July, he madly sent DISS Wu Yifan, and then Mao Jianqing was silent again! Even though Wu Jingui once said that Mao Jianqings knee was still unhealed, so he did not appear on the teams list, but the eyes can see that Mao Jianqing was hidden by snow!

At this point, Mao Jianqing, who had been gradually forgotten by fans, appeared in the eyes of fans again. This time, like a bomb, Mao Jianqing tweeted on November 23: Its over, and Mao Jianqing tweeted again on December 13: Divorce! As we all know, Mao Jianqings wife, Zhou Jingjie, is famous for her beauty. Why not cherish such a beautiful wife, let alone have a son under the age of 10?

Afterwards, Mao Jianqing wrote a self-accusation, saying that it was all her fault, and the fans felt very sorry for it at one time! uuuuuuuuuu However, in Chinas football circle, divorce is not uncommon, and fans do not care! However, on December 18, Mao Jianqings wifes micro-blog completely let Mao Jianqings people collapse. Even after it was sent out soon, Zhou Jingjie deleted it, but still some fans survived!

In Weibo, Mao Jianqings wife said: Actually, as early as a year ago, things had been heard. After returning to Shanghai, Mao Jianqing finally did not resist the temptation to start drinking again and go to nightclubs! Even with the nightclub lady Zhou XX has been matched by husband and wife, and the two have been living together! uuuuuuuuuuu And thats what Zhou Jingjie cant stand, which eventually led to their divorce! Zhou Jingjie even shouted Zhou XX You want this man, I will give it to you on Weibo, but it was revealed that in fact, they had agreed to divorce in September this year.

This also explains exactly why Mao Jianqing left Shanghai Shenhua first team.

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