Lawyers for Victims of Wife Killing and Insurance Fraud: Sufficient evidence will lead to death charges against suspects

 Lawyers for Victims of Wife Killing and Insurance Fraud: Sufficient evidence will lead to death charges against suspects

On December 17, Fang Wenchuan, the Thai attorney representing the victim of wife-killing and insurance fraud, said that at present the family members of the victim Zhang Ying (pseudonym) have found four insurance policies and less than a dozen. Most insurance companies in China are reluctant to provide information. If more insurance policy information is provided, they are sure to prosecute suspect Zhang Fan (pseudonym) for death penalty in Thai criminal law.

On December 17, a reporter from Beijing News accompanied Fang Wenchuan, the Thai attorney for the victim of wife-killing and insurance fraud, to visit Phuket police and prosecutors to communicate the case. Then he told Xinjing News that if more original or notarized copies of the insurance policy were sent to Thailand, the suspect would be prosecuted for death penalty under Thai criminal law if he confirmed that Zhang Fan had forged the victims signature for insurance.

Victim Zhang Ying (alias) acting lawyer Fang Wenchuan and the Kamara Police Department and other relevant departments to discuss the case. Photographed by Xu Tianhe, a reporter of the Beijing News

Earlier, Thai police said that only three insurance policies were available as evidence, and they hoped that Chinese families and relevant departments would provide evidence as soon as possible.

When the suspect premeditated murder after insurance is completed, he is also the beneficiary of the insurance amount, and the suspect presses the victim in the water and causes his death. I have consulted the police and the procuratorate and should accuse him of article 289 of the Thai Criminal Law. According to article 289, paragraph 4, and paragraph 5 of the Criminal Law, the premeditated murderer is sentenced to death only by torture or brutality. Fang Wenchuan said that he was waiting for evidence from China to be in place. The evidence is nothing more than the victims insurance. The more, the better. Family members said they would like to get the evidence out this month.

It is understood that the latest time for families of victims to submit evidence is mid-January 2019, but before that, Chinese insurance companies did not actively cooperate, which may result in the suspects mitigation of punishment. Zhang Yings family has found four insurance policies, and there are more than a dozen less. Many Chinese insurance companies are reluctant to give information to their families as evidence in this case. Now, 34 insurance policies can also be used as evidence, but the more insurance policies, the better for the police to collect evidence and give the judge the impression that Zhang Fan is cruel.

Source: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310, responsible editor of Beijing News