Ofo ran wild: nearly 10 million people queued up to refund their deposits

 Ofo ran wild: nearly 10 million people queued up to refund their deposits

Author of China Foundation News: Wu Yu Qiaomai

Yesterday, thousands of yellow car users besieged Beijing headquarters, blocked from the 5th floor to the 1st floor, demanding a refund of deposit at the ofo site (details can be clicked do not let ofo run away! A large number of users besieged Beijing headquarters, blocked from the 5th floor to the 1st floor, on-site deposit refund! Its so spectacular...; ofo was forced to issue the Reminder of Deposit Return Policy urgently, saying that it would review and collect according to the order of application, and there is no difference between offline application and online application. After the policy came out, ofo deposit refund quickly developed from an offline transaction of 1,000 people to an online transaction of nearly 10 million people. As of 2:49 p.m., deposit refund shows that ofos refund users have ranked 951761, and the number of online deposit refunds is still rising rapidly. If the 9.51 million people are counted on the deposit of 99 yuan per person, the total amount is 942 million yuan; if the deposit is counted on the deposit of 199 yuan, the total amount of the deposit will exceed 1.893 billion yuan.

In this regard, the user who applies for a deposit refund is Tucao: This is the longest queue I have ever had in my life, and it will take another 500 years to recover the deposit.

What is the concept of nearly 10 million people? Thats equivalent to a Swedish population (about 9.9 million).

Netizens have also offered suggestions to ofo:

Business ghost edition 8594;: It is suggested to increase advertising space on the refund queue page.

Chicken Soup Edition: Those peers who abandoned you in those years owe you a deposit of 199

Love story version: No matter how long Im willing to wait, as long as you return the money to me.

Wills Edition: Customer Service, please wait a moment. I will make a will for my son first. When I die, please return 199 yuan to my sons account.

Ofo issued a deposit refund policy late at night

Less than 9 million people lined up in a day to refund their money

Yesterday, ofo users all went to the headquarters to ask for a refund, and the office building was enclosed in a terrible way. Some netizens had a picture of P, jokingly calling it ofo Car Friends Club. For more information, see yesterdays report: Dont let ofo run away! A large number of users besieged Beijing headquarters, blocked from the 5th floor to the 1st floor, on-site deposit refund! Its so spectacular.

It is estimated that there are too many on-site refunds. Last night, ofo urgently issued the reminder of deposit refund policy for ofo yellow cars, saying that it will review and collect according to the order of application, and online and offline will be unified into processing, in order to refund.

After the policy came out, it quickly developed from an offline transaction of 1,000 people to an online transaction of nearly 10 million people. As of 2:01 p.m., our colleagues on-line refund, showing that ofos refund users have ranked 912,981, that is, more than 912,000 people have applied for refund deposit.

The system crashed and 10,000 people applied for a refund every minute.

Netizens said, Ive been in the longest line in my life.

In less than 10 minutes, some netizens showed that his refund ranked 918757, i.e. between 14:01 and 14:07, nearly 60,000 people applied for refund, i.e. 10 million people applied for refund every minute and more than 160 people per second.

If the refund is calculated at 10,000 people per day, it will take nearly three years for the deposit to be refunded. This incredible number of Hurricane figures, queuing users also began to Tucao and amuse oneself: I have the longest queue in my life, to borrow another 500 years to recover the deposit.

More and more users apply for deposit refund, which leads to the system crash of ofo. At 3 p.m., dozens of netizens said they didnt even give them the chance to queue up, so they managed to queue up, but they kept showing network anomalies.

Others say that at least proves that the number of ofo paying users is real. However, there are also deposits that have not been refunded to the amount owed to ofo. The reason is that the use of ofo shared bicycles before did not pay in time, resulting in consumption exceeding the quota occurred in arrears. However, this part of the money owed can not be offset by a deposit. At least 20 yuan must be charged at the time of recharge, so that the total balance of these userscurrent accounts is negative.

In response, the user complained: The deposit can not be refunded, but still owes 1 yuan. Its a bit out of order. You cant get back unless you pound and recharge! If you want to deduct that extra dollar, you can offset my remaining deposit!! Very silent!!!

It is worth mentioning that at present, users in social software say that two months after the deposit refund, the deposit automatically becomes the account balance.

As early as November, it was reported that ofo launched a new way of deposit refund: 99 yuan deposit users can use the deposit to invest in financial management projects without deposit, and 199 yuan deposit users can recharge the deposit into a balance. Officials did not respond to this.

Beijing Headquarters is queuing up again today.

Ofo is not registered this time

When the deposit is refunded at the same time on the line, the deposit is not registered off the line. At 9:00 a.m. on December 18, at the ofo headquarters of the Internet Financial Center in Haidian District, Beijing, a surging journalist saw that one or two hundred people had queued for refunds in the morning.

In response to the notice of the same rules for online and on-site refunds issued by ofo on the evening of December 17, users who came to the scene early on December 18 expressed their disbelief. Now the number of refunds on mobile phones is more than 3 million, and I dont know when to withdraw, or to queue up at the scene to rest assured. I guess the companys deposit will be tightened off-line first for fear of disturbance. Yes. Several users told Peng Mei journalists. We were in line at six in the morning. I dont know the announcement they sent yesterday, but I saw that the news report of yesterday could come to the scene to refund the money and queue up.

At 9 a.m. on December 18, users queued under the ofo headquarters building of the Internet Financial Center in Haidian District, Beijing. Pengchao journalist Zhang Ningtu

China Consumption Association: 34 out of 70 shared bicycle platforms went bankrupt

Consumers are facing difficulties in refunding deposits, ofo is not the only one. Since the second half of last year, many sharing bicycle users have experienced the situation that sharing bicycle deposit can not be returned. China Consumption Coordination Survey found that 34 out of 70 shared bicycle platforms went bankrupt. Among them, there were 210,000 complaints about cool bicycles, involving more than 1 billion yuan. In view of the problem of sharing bicycle deposit, the Guidelines on Encouraging and Regulating the Development of Internet Bicycle Rental issued by relevant departments clearly pointed out that the deposit collected by the sharing bicycle platform for users should be special-purpose and subject to supervision by the competent departments of transportation and finance. However, some platformsdeposits have not been supervised by third-party organizations. Most enterprise platforms are vague about this, and the relevant information disclosure is seriously insufficient. Not only is the refund process tedious, but also the original street of small yellow cars, but now it has been difficult to trace. Even near the headquarters of Xiaohuang Car, it is very difficult to find the figure of Xiaohuang Car. In the cluster of shared bicycles parked around buildings in Zhongguancun, Xiaohuang bicycles have become rare species, and the vast majority of shared bicycles are Mobai and Xiaolan bicycles. According to statistics, only one or two of every ten shared bicycles are Xiaohuang, and most of them are in distressed condition. On the roadside of Zhongguancun South Street, in the cold wind, a middle-aged woman lifted her mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code of a yellow car, but she repeatedly swept it several times, and finally failed to open the bicycle, so she had to give up leaving. According to the Research Report of Guoyuan Securities, the income of sharing bicycles mainly comes from the financial income of the single use fee and deposit of bicycles. However, due to the high damage rate of shared bicycles, the current development mainly depends on capital investment. Once the development is blocked and the capital stops burning, it is easy for enterprises to touch the red line of the deposit pool. Shared bicycles represented by shared economy, including Wukong bicycle, 3Vbike bicycle, Kara bicycle, Xiaoming bicycle and Cool bicycle, have been operating, financing problems and even running bankruptcy as early as 2017. As for the shared economy, there is a view that the current mode of Chinas shared economy is almost pseudo-shared, not the real sense of the shared economy. The essence of shared economy is to redeploy the idle resources of society so as to satisfy the people to enjoy these resources cheaply. But sharing bicycles, umbrellas, charging treasures, etc., is a unified purchase of goods, and then through the payment of deposits, on-time leasing form, for the people to use. This is far from the essence of the shared economy. It is a purely leasing business.

Source: Liable Editor of China Foundation News: Qiao Junjie_NBJ11279