Sea King actually saw the feeling of traveling to the west? Style blossoms?

 Sea King actually saw the feeling of traveling to the west? Style blossoms?

The hottest movie in the film market this week is Sea King.

As of Dec. 17, at 0:00, the cumulative box office of Sea King in mainland China had reached 1.3 billion, with IMDB and Douban scoring 8.0.

Compared with the previous tepid Superman Batman and Justice Alliance, DC fought a beautiful turn-around.

For DC fans, there is finally a movie that can go hand in hand or even surpass the level of Manway.

And it has to be reminded of Wen Ziren, a small Asian, who is the director behind the movie The Sea King.

Wenziren, who is only 168cm in length, is not a good-looking man, but his experience is extraordinary.

Born in Gujin, Sarawak, Malaysia, on February 27, 1977, he grew up in Australia and majored in Media Arts at Royal Melbourne Polytechnic University.

While at school, he met his friend Ray Werner, both of whom had great enthusiasm for horror films.

After graduation, Wen Ziren and Ray Werners film career did not go smoothly. They even went to the streets because they had no work flow.

Later Ray Warner became the host of a Melbourne television station, but his mental and spiritual instability led him to suspect that he had brain tumors.

In this fear, he wrote a story to relieve stress: Jigsaw Killer, the hero of the story, decided to become a homicidal maniac because he had brain tumors. He hated those who wasted their lives, so he wanted to kill them in revenge.

This is probably Ray Werners own world outlook, which later became the blueprint for the movie The Saw Wonders.

On the other hand, the death of Wen Zirens father at the age of 14 had a great impact on him, which became the root of his horror films.

He used his childhood fears to create film scenes for the story and provide horror elements. Two people pooled money to make a nine-minute horror short film SAW.

Later, Lion Gate studios came across the script. When they were working on low-cost and high-profile films, they found Wen Ziren and hoped that he could direct a long horror film.

So there was the first part of the horror film The Saw Wonders, which no one in the film circle knows.

In The Saw Panic, director Wen Ziren brings suspense and suffocation to the extreme. He is good at seizing the audiences psychology and timing, when peoples spirits are the most tense, suddenly frighten you.

He is also good at creating something concrete and impressive, such as the Billy doll he created. Those who have seen the film believe that they have begun to sweat behind them.

At the same time, he has the rare logic and storytelling of horror movies, and all the horror elements fall on telling stories well.

It is precisely because of the echo, the ambush pen, and the use of tiny clues as the key to the final solution of the mystery that The Chainsaw can become a classic.

The 18-day shooting time, the cost of 1.2 million, brought 104 million box office.

Although Wen Ziren only acted as a producer in the following films, his series of Saws Spirit became the most popular horror movies. By the end of the eighth film, the global box office had exceeded 900 million.

The film tour of Save Money Little Master began.

Wenziren always uses the least money to get high returns and cost control to the extreme.

After The Chainsaw, Wen Zirens talent was quickly spotted by two major film companies, and he was given enough money to invite him to make new films, Universal PicturesDead Silence and 20th Century Foxs Illegal Decision, but they all suffered from Waterloo at the box office.

Dead Silence maintains Wenzirens usual horror film taste, but it may be that the previous work The Chainsaw is too shocking, or that the schedule is unreasonable (the same period as Sparta 300 Warriors), which invested 20 million high-cost Dead Silence barely recovered the cost.

The film has no shot of plasma flying across, and uses a restrained, hard core cold feeling to create violence.

The box office of Illegal Award is even worse, with tens of millions in North America.

For Wen Ziren, Illegal Judgment is the product of his hard-pressed confinement in his room, but the thoughts and ambitions he pours into it have an impact on himself in the future.

For example, in the Illegal Decision, there is a scene in which the protagonist jumps from a cliff on the top floor of the parking lot. This action design has been used in Speed and Passion 7.

He and his friend Ray Werner continued to work together to launch the movie Hidden.

Meanwhile, another important good friend in his life, Patrick Wilson, appeared.

If youve seen The Sea King, youre no stranger to this face. Hes the second man in the story, the villain in the play, and King Om, the brother of the Sea King.

Under Wenzirens camera, Patrick Wilson, 45 years old enough to be King Neptunes eldest brother, looks unusually young.

Patrick Wilson has participated in six of Wen Zirens seven works, four of which are male protagonists.

According to Wen Ziren, Patrick is a cool workmate. When you work with an actor youve worked with and loved, it makes the job easier.

Patrick Wilson is even more passionate about Wenzirens love and believes that Wenziren can do everything, no matter how crazy it sounds.

And all he did was stand firmly behind Wenziren and tell him, Take me with you.

The production process of Hidden is a pleasant experience for both of them.

It was also the first time that Patrick Wilson had seen Windsons money-saving little wizard approach. They rented a house to shoot. With only a budget of 1.5 million, Windson decided to finish shooting in one month because the rent was too expensive.

He also asked actors to minimize the number of remakes or exercises in order to save photographic tapes.

This time, the cost of 1.5 million won nearly 100 million box office worldwide.

Later, he quickly devoted himself to the creation of another horror film, The Soul, which became another successful film series after The Chainsaw.

However, Wen Ziren was not satisfied with the success of Hidden and Soul Calling.

In an interview with a radio station in 2013, Wen Ziren mentioned that he had made enough horror movies and that it was time to make a change.

If youre famous for making comedies, youre a comedian; if youre famous for making horror movies, youre the type. Im a filmmaker, and I think Im sure I can handle other types of movies.

Soon he had a chance.

Although the general story and some scenes of Speed 7 have been shot, it is a semi-finished product for Wenziren.

But big movies, all-stars, action movies were all the elements he had never touched but wanted to try, so he accepted the invitation and was fully prepared.

He used his advantage as a horror film director to give the audience more impression when watching Speed 7: he used a lot of close-up lenses and let them roll and rotate with people.

He hoped that when the characters in the film were beaten, the audience would also feel pain and maximize their presence.

Everything seems to be going smoothly, but unfortunately, more than two months after filming, Paul Walker, the male owner, died in a traffic accident.

The plan for Speed and Passion 7 had to stop again.

Later, Wenziren came up with a way to replace his brother by two brothers of Paul Walker, with CG pictures, which looked like Paul Walker himself was moving.

This process is painful and helpless. The difficulty is not technology, but getting up every day to the film set, knowing that this person is no longer there, but to synthesize his smile, for those who know him well, this process is really painful.

Wen Ziren re-wrote the script, allowing Paul Walkers role to complete the curtain call on the big screen.

When the music See you again sounded, Paul Walker and Van Diesel looked in the car, then drove to another road.

At the forked intersection, the two cars sped forward, representing Paul Walker and his brothers and fans to say goodbye, which made many viewers cry.

Ultimately, the box office record of Speed 7 is stunning, with a box office of $1.5 billion making it one of the top ten box office movies in film history. It also shows Wen Zirens possibilities in special effects, action and controlling big production.

In fact, in the DC world, Neptune is not a pleasant character, SpongeBob and Big Bang of Life have ridiculed it.

Because in the minds of comic fans, Neptune is a big, silly man who can only solve problems by violence.

When Wen Ziren was invited to join us, he had two choices, one was Lightning Knight-errant and the other was Sea King.

Many people speculate that the setting of Neptunes character is related to the fact that his father is human and his mother is sea god. As a mixed-race Neptune King, he is not recognized on land or in the sea. This is similar to Wenzirens experience of living in Australia as a Malay Chinese.

I dont mind being a bad person, Wenziren said.

However, after the end of the Sea King shooting, he naughtily confided his mind, the reason why he chose the Sea King is that people did not expect it, my pressure will be much less.

It seems that Wen Ziren knows the truth of first restraint, so he first remodels the role of the sea king, weakens his violent and reckless part, and adds some reasoning sections to make the sea kings stupidity seem to have great wisdom.

Meanwhile, through two female roles, Meila, the mother and girlfriend of Neptune, helps Neptune grow up.

Mela pushed him to recapture the throne and search for the Trident; his mother taught him to fight for the true meaning of the hero, not for his own people, but for all.

It is obvious that the sea king has grown from an inferior and hesitant young man to a real, domineering but fraternal man. Such a change of character makes the sea king more lovely and three-dimensional.

After Haiwang reloaded and left the factory, Wen Ziren began to paint his seabed blueprint.

You can imagine and imagine the magnificent scenery of the ocean in The Sea King, white and holy palaces, dark and fearful trench nests, classical and solemn Atlantis.

Ancient marine life and advanced machines merged in a colorful underwater world.

And the magnificent battle in the ocean.

Finally, Wen Ziren used his good storytelling method to integrate the unique values of the Sea King and formed his own universe in The Sea King.

From the plot, we can see that Wenziren is an old school and exquisite in the Oriental human bones.

For example, he narrates steadily and steadily according to the time line, and is not anxious to make the Neptunes big muscles appear.

For example, his portrayal of his brothers, who are opposed to each other but reluctant to give up their hearts, lives on seeing their mothersbeliefs, and avoids the world when Neptune disagrees with himself, makes this superhero film more philosophical and ethical.

But it is not appropriate to enhance the connotation of Sea King, because in the final analysis, it is only a commercial entertainment film.

Wen Ziren also takes it as a commercial entertainment to the end. In The Sea King, you can see the shadow of Lord of the Rings, Journey to the West, Star Wars and so on.

He did not confine the sea king to the sea, but made him and Meila a good partner like Raiders of the Treasure.

Crossing the desert, stirring up Italian towns.

The section of the bridge where the hero and heroine evade the pursuit on the roof has the flavor of The Shadow of the Spy.

Every burning point of it is well designed to give the audience the most desirable, rhythmic control is just right.

Meanwhile, as a director of horror movies, Wenzirens bad taste still scares you from time to time.

The heroes and heroines go to this section of the Haigou Territory with high energy.

Its very unfriendly to the intimate fear patients.

Even the little sea king feels the shark section, the tone and atmosphere also looks quite strange.

Wen Ziren tried to lay a good clue in the first part of the series, waiting for the second part to be uncovered one by one, giving people a sense of sudden enlightenment.

This way of burying the stalks is also reflected in The Sea King, including the flashback part of the training of the young Sea King and Master from time to time, as well as the fragments of sharks sensed in the beginning of the film, and the moment when the Trident was finally awakened, the echoes were ignited.

This smoothness is the key to getting praise from DC fans for Sea King. Maybe you wont be so crazy about Sea King, but you have to admit that it wont make you urinate.

Finally, how much did it cost to make such a fantastic, powerful movie? The answer is 160 million.

You know, the last DC film, Justice Alliance, cost nearly twice as much. Wenziren, a money-saving little expert, once again brought his stingy skills to the extreme.

Start with the closest person, and his brother has been combing his back all the time because he doesnt want to spend money to make a special effect for his long hair floating in the sea.

The late dubbing of the crew, the voice of the villain black Manta speaking in the helmet, is through the trash can.

The director even guest-starred himself as a soldier.

No wonder fans kneel and beg DC to hand over all the next films to Wenziren for such a cost-effective director.

Objectively speaking, the success of Sea King and Wen Ziren is partly due to the poor reputation of the previous DC works of Dark Wind, and the story of Sea King contains many clever and stereotypical elements.

But his use of the lens and his grasp of the rhythm make the audience feel friendly and comfortable.

The most important thing is to create the role that the audience likes, to create stories that the audience is interested in, and to add themes that can move the audience. This has always been the principle I adhere to in making films. This is Wenzirens principle and the line he has been practicing.

Anyway, I am full of expectations for Wen Zirens next works.

Now, the pressure is on the side of Avenger Alliance 4...

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