Two men have committed seven crimes in a month, and more than half a million have committed them.

 Two men have committed seven crimes in a month, and more than half a million have committed them.

On December 18, Peng Mei News learned from the police in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou that the local police had recently arrested the two suspects who specifically targeted their married families for theft.

On December 11, a couple of brides held a wedding banquet in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. After getting drunk, the groom went to hang up a few drops overnight, accompanied by the bride. The next day, when the couple returned to the wedding room, they found that several LV bags filled with red envelope gifts disappeared, and the total amount of money was at least 160,000.

After receiving the police, Xiaoshan Branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau set up a special team immediately. By collecting relevant surveillance videos and conducting analysis and judgment, a suspicious man entered the police field of vision.

The team combed the relevant cases and found that since November this year, many thefts in the jurisdiction have been related to the suspected man named Longmou. He also has a male partner named Shi Moumou.

One morning at the end of November this year, a newly married family in Evolution Town of Xiaoshan District was stolen. The suspect sneaked into the second-floor wedding room and stole a pair of custom diamond rings worth nearly 50,000 yuan.

In early December, a newly married family in Jingjiang Street of Xiaoshan was slipped in and stolen more than 50,000 yuan of property. The police have preliminary knowledge of seven cases in the last month, involving more than 500,000 yuan.

The police of the special task force found that the suspect Longmou had left Xiaoshan and was taking a bus to his hometown in Fenghuang County, Hunan Province. The task force decided to pursue the suspect by driving. The police officers drove more than 1200 kilometers for 12 hours. They traveled all the way from Xiaoshan to Loudi, Hunan Province. At more than 4 a.m. the next day, they arrested the suspect in a high-speed service station, and seized more than 100,000 yuan of the stolen money on the spot. Another group of people and horses captured Shi Mou in a rental house in Dajiangdong industrial agglomeration area of Hangzhou.

After investigation, the suspect Longmou, 29 years old, the suspect Shi Moumou, 34 years old, are all Hunan people, the former record is tired.

By stepping on the spot beforehand, the couple selected some newly married families to start their work, and then sneaked into the wedding room late at night after the wedding to steal. Victims often have poor vigilance because they are busy with wedding ceremonies, and they are laborious at the end of the day. They basically sleep soundly at night, even when the suspect enters the room, they are difficult to detect. The stolen money obtained after several acquisitions was squandered by the suspects for eating, drinking, gambling, pleasing girlfriends and so on.

At present, two suspects have been detained by Xiaoshan police for suspected theft, and related cases are under further investigation.

Source: Peng Mei News Author: Zhang Liu Taos Responsible Editor: Su Hongyong_NBJ9980