Du Buying 15 shoots for 23 points in the Warriors Health Basketball is a real boost

 Du Buying 15 shoots for 23 points in the Warriors Health Basketball is a real boost

The Warriors today played more relaxed, grizzly bears in general, so this allows the Warriors to establish an early advantage, Durant in the offensive end and even not much personal play. In the first quarter, he made 2 of 5 shots, mainly using the chance to make fouls. In the fourth penalty, his 8 points were the most in the first quarter of the Warriors.

Moreover, in the last four minutes or so of the festival, Durant also contributed a fantastic hotpot to the defensive end, curbing Grizzliesmorale.

To highlight the point, its Durants passing. Durant often plays the role of organizer this season. Hes very diligent in passing. In the last 5 seconds of the first quarter, it was Durants brilliant pass that helped his teammates hit three points on the outside line.

Perhaps the overall advantage is enormous, there is no pressure on the other side, the warriors play relaxed, Durant is also increasingly entering a no attack state. In Section 2, he only made one shot. But in the first half his efficiency had reached + 15.

In the second half, the warriors usually had no problem playing the third quarter, Durant started more this quarter, but all kinds of long two points were not put in, and Green was also opposite a blocked.

However, Durant is still very efficient in the basket, he and Green, Thompson, frequent dunking success. The Warriors are still in the lead between 15 and 20 points. Maybe Durant wont have to play again in the end.

Durant played for a while at the end of the game, and his shots continued to hit. However, the victory or defeat has already been determined, and then the Warriors replaced him in advance, so the task of the game is over.