The man went to the hospital and said, I swallowed a sword last night.

 The man went to the hospital and said, I swallowed a sword last night.

Early on December 14, a special patient accompanied by his family arrived at the emergency department of a hospital in Dalian. He said to the doctor, I dont feel well in my stomach and chest. The doctor asked him, Are you hurt or whats wrong with your food? His answer gave most of the people present a feeling of goose bumps in an instant.

I swallowed a sword last night!

Have you seen the swallow show?

Its really swallowed.

Or is it a prop show?

Swallowing a sword is not magic

Or hallucinations and tricks

Its really swallowing!

Swallow Sword is a stunt show

It is reported that swallowing sword is a well-known form of stunt performance in the world, and there is also a corresponding international association organization, the International Swallowing Sword Association. And swallowing swords is actually a folk skill that has been spreading for a long time in our country.

So besides some trickstersprops, most swallow sword performances are true, that is to say, really insert the whole blade from the mouth into the intestines and stomach!

So swallowing sword performance is a career full of danger. It is often caused by environment, mood and other factors that lead to the failure of performance, thus causing lasting harm to the body.

_Professional actions should not be imitated_

Sword swallowing

Its really dangerous!

Its too dangerous!

Dagang (alias) is an acrobatic performer in Dalian. He often performs some acrobatic performances. He has an ancient acrobatic performance, swallowing swords, which people can only see in movies and TV plays or hear in legends. The basic form of this performance is to put a real sword through the throat, through the esophagus, straight into the stomach, leaving only a sword handle outside, very dangerous.

It is understood that Dagang has practiced and performed swallowing swords for many years, and his skills are also very skilled and exquisite. But when he returned home after a performance on the evening of December 13, he felt uncomfortable in his chest and stomach, and he took a rest without thinking too much. But this night, Dagang felt more and more uncomfortable. On the morning of 14th, accompanied by his family, he went to the hospital to see a doctor and suspected that he was injured while performing.

Urgent! The patients life is on the line!

Doctors immediately admitted him to hospital, and then urgently contacted the Department of Digestive Endoscopy and Anesthesiology for multidisciplinary consultation. Thoracic surgery, gastrointestinal endoscopy and anesthesiologists carefully read the CT films before operation, and carefully evaluate the patients before operation.

After examination, the doctor found that, as Dagang suspected, there should have been an accident during his swallowing performance the night before. The tip of the sword, which should have passed through the esophagus to the stomach, had run away and pierced his esophagus. CT examination showed that there was a rupture and perforation of about 1.5 cm in the lower esophagus.

According to the doctor, although this kind of esophageal perforation is not rare, but the length of the perforation is still very large. At that time, the process of sword tip injury to digestive tract was not clear, and the position of penetrating esophagus into mediastinal centrifugal organs was very close, so patients may have infection, pneumothorax and heart complications at any time. It can be said that the patients life is on the line, the situation is very critical!

In order to give patients a better prognosis at the lowest possible cost, after preoperative evaluation, the doctor finally decided on the operation plan: under anesthesia in the operating room, the digestive endoscopy department used carbon dioxide gas to determine the location and size of esophageal rupture, suture under gastroscope as far as possible, to avoid thoracotomy.

Patient enters two operating rooms of the First Hospital of the General Medical College


The patient was sent to two operating rooms. CT showed mediastinal emphysema. In order to ensure patients safety, anesthesiologists used fiberoptic bronchoscope to confirm that the patient had no tracheal injury before anesthesia, and then anesthetized him.

After anesthesia takes effect

The doctor immediately performed endoscopic surgery on the patient. During the operation, it was found that the muscular layer and mucosa of the patient were thicker than those of the normal patient because the patient might be engaged in swallowing swords for a long time. The suture under the mirror was not as easy as the conventional suture. Moreover, after several hours of rupture of the esophagus, the surrounding mucosal edema is obvious. In addition, when the esophagus is inflated under endoscopy after perforation, the esophagus can not be fully filled, and the perforation is located in the third physiological narrowness of the esophagus, which limits the operating space.


After many efforts, the doctor used five large titanium clips and four small titanium clips to clip the perforation of the esophagus, and finally completed the minimally invasive suture under gastroscope. Subsequently, the doctor continued to inflate (carbon dioxide) under endoscopy to confirm that the wound was sutured well, and then placed a jejunal nutrition tube. Endoscopic suture was successfully completed at 14:40.

It is understood that

Dagang is now recovering well.

It wont be long before you get well and discharged.

Reminder: Esophageal injuries should be treated immediately by fasting

According to the doctor, although the patients injuries were rare and serious, he did a good job, that is, he did not eat again after feeling uncomfortable and possibly injured, and went to the doctor as soon as possible. The whole digestive tract was found to be very clean during medical treatment, which brought great convenience to the follow-up surgical treatment. Otherwise, food passing through the esophagus may enter the thoracic cavity through a wound or even surround the heart, which will necessitate thoracotomy.

Doctors warn that if you find that you may have esophageal injury, you should see a doctor immediately, and do not eat or drink water in the process, so as to leave a more convenient environment for follow-up treatment.

Learn about the old and thrilling swallowing show

It is understood that swallowing a sword completely violates every normal conditioned reflex of the digestive system. A qualified swallow performer must learn to suppress vomiting reflex and control it, not nausea and nausea, or the consequences will be unimaginable. Some performers said that ideological efforts to restrain vomiting reflex, and after 3 to 7 years of hard practice, can successfully insert the sword into the deep viscera.

_Professional actions should not be imitated_

So swallowing sword performance is a dangerous profession. There are many cases of injury or even death in previous performances. According to relevant statistics, there are about 100 sword swallowing artists who can master and perform skillfully in the world.

Therefore, the real swallow sword performance is not magic but technology, but this dangerous performance can only be completed by professionals, doctors warn:

Ordinary people should never try because they are curious.

That would be fatal!

Source: responsible editor of Peninsula Morning News: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331