The head teachers introduction of students to non-qualified training institutions outside school was criticized

 The head teachers introduction of students to non-qualified training institutions outside school was criticized

A first-grade class teacher in Linan District, Hangzhou, was reported and criticized by his parents for sending short messages to his parents to promote local specialties and recommending students to train in out-of-school institutions set up by his classmates. The teacher canceled the priority of annual evaluation.

Teachers send two apology messages to parents, Qianjiang Evening News

The teacher has been asked to apologize to the parents for the sale of local products to their parents and to make a written inspection to ensure that such acts will not be carried out in the future. For introducing students to the off-campus organization training run by their classmates, the school has notified her of criticism, cancelled the pre-qualification of annual evaluation, and put it on record in the Education Bureau. On December 18, Bao Qiansen, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Linan District, Hangzhou, told Peng Mei News.

On the 14th, the Education Department of Linan District received a report from parents that a first-year head teacher of Yuying Experimental School from Chunan, Hangzhou, was selling chickens, ducks and shrimps from his hometown among his parents, believing that he was making use of his professional influence to make profits. Meanwhile, the teacher also asked parents of poor students to pay money to attend training institutions without certificates outside the school.

It is reported that Yuying Experimental School in Linan District was founded in 2010, which is a nine-year boarding school run by the local people and funded by the public, to solve the difficulties of the children of foreign entrepreneurs.

The schools responsible person told Peng Mei News that the female teacher involved was from Chunan County, Hangzhou. She took up her post in September this year and taught Chinese and Mathematics as a class teacher in grade one. Through the investigation, we found that her uncle in her old home had a difficult life. She helped to sell the candy made by her uncle in the hope of improving her life. Her mother raised chicken at home and a girl made sweet potato drinks. She sold them together, but did not buy or sell them forcibly. At present, she has not traded the local products mentioned above.

Linan District Education Bureau official said that the teacher said that parents had consulted her some time ago and said that the childrens performance was not good. She hoped to make up lessons. She knew that teachers could not compensate for making up lessons, so she introduced students to the classes run by classmates. It has been verified that at the end of September, she recommended four students to the non-qualified off-campus training institute run by her classmates. After investigation, the Institute closed itself at the end of November.

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