Zhou Liqi has been married in November! My sister denied that she was a third party.

 Zhou Liqi has been married in November! My sister denied that she was a third party.

Zhou Liqi and his sister Zhou Wengong

Netease Entertainment reported Dec. 18 that artist Niki announced that she had become a wife, and her model sister Kathy, a family of four, also attended the wedding in the field, according to Hong Kong media reports. When will the wedding be held? Kathy said in an interview: It was actually held last month and the whole family was very happy. (Where is it held?) You can ask her. In short, both families are present. My sister always wanted a simple and important wedding. Are you moved to cry? When her mother helped her make the wedding dress, she was moved with tears on her face. Everyone was very moved and very happy. She was more amusing when she finally got married. As for the groom Fu Weiming, she said highly: He is very good, our family like him very much, he is very good to his sister, very painful Niki.

When the groom Fu Weiming and his wife divorced, the date with Niki was very close. Niki was involved in a third party suspicion. Kathys younger sister strongly denied that, Of course not. Anything rumored will be said, regardless of what outsiders say, the most important two of them are happy. In addition, the flash marriage order outside thought that they were married with their son, and she denied it on behalf of her sister: Absolutely not. But I want her to be born early and play with my children. Kathy said she sent her sister a dragon and Phoenix bracelet as a gift. As for whether a couple will have a new wedding wine in Hong Kong, she said she would like to ask the couple.

It is reported that they got married at the end of November, then they set out for their honeymoon and returned to Hong Kong on the 16th, after which they announced good news to you!

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736