American rapper diss Yao Ming also shouted at Wu Yifan with disgraceful words

 American rapper diss Yao Ming also shouted at Wu Yifan with disgraceful words

Yao Ming was diss, an American rapper.

And almost lying by diss.

By this fellow_

On December 16, 18-year-old American rapper Lil Pump sung her new song Butterfly Doors on Instagram, a social media website.

In the lyrics, Pomper not only diss Yao Ming, but also uses the racially discriminatory word Ching Chong diss for Chinese.

Among them, the controversial lyrics are:

Butterfly Gate, they call me Yao Ming, because I have very small eyes.

Ching Chong


In the process of singing video, Pomper also made the squint gesture. This gesture has long been seen as discriminating against the Yellow race.

In the past year or two, there are not a few Europeans and Americans suspected of insulting China because of this action.

In 2017, American supermodel GiGiGi Hadid caused dissatisfaction among Chinese netizens by mimicking Asianssquinting at friends gatherings, and netizens reported refusing her to participate in the Shanghai Secret Show. Later, GiGiGi apologized and said, I have great respect and love for the Chinese people. Nevertheless, she missed last years Victoria Show.

In May 2017, China Super Hebei Huaxia Happiness Team forward Ravich also caused trouble because of a suspected racial discrimination photo. A foreign football journalist posted a makeup photo of Ravich on the social network. In the photo, Ravich wears a Jersey and pulls his eyes back at the camera. Some netizens said that this action has been suspected of racial discrimination. The players and the club subsequently issued a statement apologizing, saying that it was unintentional and harmless.

At present, Pompers videos have received more than 3.5 million hits, which has also aroused the anger of many Asian netizens, who asked Pomper to apologize to the Chinese.

Netizen @wongtzeon: Thats enough. Youd better apologize to the Chinese.

[email protected]: I thought it might be a deafening song until I heard the word Ching Chong.

Angelica McClure: He probably hasnt responded because he either thinks its okay (not racism) or doesnt care at all. Its rude!

Haimianye?: Lil Pomper should apologize for using the word Ching Chong in his new song. I dont think he doesnt know the meaning of these racist words.

And on Chinas social media microblog, netizens have @Wu Yifan in succession, hoping that Skrskr can fight back with rap music.

Up to the time of publication, neither Yao Ming nor Wu had any movement. And the Chinese rap group Tianfu Incident has sung a song to fight back.

In the lyrics, the Tianfu Incident wrote:

Let me tell you, kid, you shouldnt mention that humiliating Chinese word.

Respect your race too. Youve had enough of this discrimination.


The specific content of the lyrics will not be disseminated. Lets put Chairman Yao Mings expression bag in the end.

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