The scenic spot responds to Huawei mobile phone ticket free: it has no interest with Huawei

 The scenic spot responds to Huawei mobile phone ticket free: it has no interest with Huawei

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Ticket-free expert for Huawei users at Shennongshan Scenic Spot in Qinyang, Henan Province: No prohibition by law (source:)

[The scenic area responds with Huawei mobile phone ticket free: the attitude of the scenic area and Huawei have no interest in it] On December 15, @No old Shennongshan announced that Huawei mobile phone users all over the world are free of tickets to enter the park. Some netizens questioned the discrimination against other mobile phone users. Scenic area staff responded that simply want to show attitude, not discriminate against other users, our activities do not damage the interests of others, but our interests have been reduced only.

A ticket-free lawyer for Huawei mobile phone users in a scenic spot in Henan Province: Not prohibited by law

On December 16, Shennong Mountain Scenic Spot in Qinyang, Henan Province, introduced a new policy. From December 16 to the end of the year, the scenic spot is free of tickets for Huawei mobile phone users. Staff said the policy had just come out. Legal experts say that whether it is a hot spot or not, the law does not prohibit scenic spots to abandon their own interests and not to infringe on others.