Taiwans 3-month-old boy with severe influenza has the youngest hospitalization record

 Taiwans 3-month-old boy with severe influenza has the youngest hospitalization record

Taiwans medical staff are ready to inject medicines. Photographer Xu Zhenghong of Taiwans Lianhe Daily

Taiwans CDA statistics show that on October 1, 124 cases of influenza complicated with severe illness were found in Taiwan, 11 of which died. From 9 December to 15 December, 61 628 patients with influenza-like symptoms visited the clinic, which was the same as one week earlier. However, from 9 December to 15 December, 25 new cases of severe influenza were reported, which set a record for the largest number of influenza cases per week in this season.

Guo Hongwei, deputy director of the epidemic center of Taiwans CDMA, pointed out that the youngest of 25 new severe cases of influenza was a 3-month-old boy in central Taiwan, who is still hospitalized. Since infants under 6 months of age are not eligible for influenza vaccination, he recommends that pregnant women be vaccinated with influenza vaccine to indirectly protect their babies.

As of December 16, 2018, more than 4.93 million doses of public influenza vaccine had been vaccinated in Taiwan. At present, there are about 189,000 doses remaining in 0.5 ml dosage form for adults, which is expected to be completed in 1-2 weeks. There are about 72,000 doses remaining in 0.25 mL dosage form for infants over 6 months and under 3 years of age.

Affected by warm winter, the epidemic situation of enterovirus in Taiwan continued to be tight. From 9 December to 15 December, 11 753 outpatient emergency visits to enterovirus clinics increased by 2.8% compared with one week earlier, which was higher than the epidemic threshold (11 000). Although there are no new severe cases, infants and young children are at high risk of severe enterovirus. Guo Hongwei calls on parents to be more vigilant.

Guo Hongwei pointed out that if infants were diagnosed with enterovirus infection, they should avoid contact with other infants to reduce the risk of cross-infection. Infants under 5 years old are at high risk of severe illness. Once parents find that infants have symptoms such as sleepiness, unconsciousness, poor vitality, weakness of hands and feet, muscle spasm, they should go to large hospitals as soon as possible.

Source: Zhao Yaping_NN9005, Responsible Editor of CNN