Follow-up to 11 deaths and fires in Shangqiu: 3 people were detained and 5 responsible persons were interrogated

 Follow-up to 11 deaths and fires in Shangqiu: 3 people were detained and 5 responsible persons were interrogated

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Four smoke accidents at the site of a sudden fire in Shangqiu No. 1 plant resulted in 11 deaths (source: original)

At about 11:00 on December 17, a fire broke out in an enterprise factory in Shangqiu demonstration area, Henan Province. Eleven injured workers on the spot died after being sent to hospital. After the accident, the Ministry of Emergency Management has sent a working group to the accident site to guide and assist emergency rescue and investigation and treatment.

According to the official micro-blog announcement of the Shangqiu Municipal Peoples Government Office, at present, three people have been detained in accordance with the law for suspected fire accidents, and five persons responsible for enterprises have been brought to public security organs for interrogation according to law.