The man jumped like thunder without showing his bus card, attacked the driver and was beaten by the crowd.

 The man jumped like thunder without showing his bus card, attacked the driver and was beaten by the crowd.

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Men who did not show their bus cards jumped like thunder and attacked drivers broke wipers and were beaten by the public (Source: ~)

According to the Daily Mail of December 17, a bus driver was abused and beaten by passengers in Irin, West London. After the video was released, many netizens were angry, but the police have not yet taken any measures.

Video shows a middle-aged man riding on a double-decker bus, boarding without showing his Oyster Card (London Bus Card). The driver caught up with the upper deck of the bus and asked him gently to show it. Unexpectedly, he immediately ignited the mans anger, and then began to chatter abuse the driver incessantly.

The bus driver was also very serious. He said to the man energetically, If you dont show your bus card, Ill call the police. The man answers as you like. He walked down the stairs of the car, bent down and continued to insult and attack the driver who had reached the bottom of the car. He called the driver not an immigrant, but I hope you will be expelled and roll back to your country. This is my country. The curse turned into a roar. Seeing that the man seems to have lost his mind, the driver has to rush to the driving position and lock the cab for his own safety.

The man rushed to the side of the cab, smashed the glass frantically with his fist, and spit at the driver across the glass. Seeing that he could not enter the cab to attack his target, the man got out of the car with his things and came to the other side of the car, ready to hit the driver from another window. The driver shut the glass quickly because of eye trouble. The man was so angry that he went to the front of the car and smashed the glass with his hands and fists. Finally, he broke both wipers hysterically. The man took out a large bottle of drink and threw it on the windshield. After that, he smashed the glass with an empty bottle.

At this time, several male passengers in the car could not see it, and they asked the driver to open the door, ready to clean up the man. The driver was talking to the passengers. The man seized the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and rushed to the other side, opened the glass and hit the driver in the face with his hand. The driver quickly closed the window again and opened the door. Three passengers rushed out of the car and punched and kicked the man away. Eventually, the man returned to the bus, this time no more aggression, but picked up things and swear off the scene. At present, it is not clear whether the man was arrested by the police.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310