Chivalrous Island: Four details of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up are interesting

 Chivalrous Island: Four details of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up are interesting

Like many island friends, this morning, the island sister Shudao also watched the Congress celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up with excitement. There are several interesting details to share with you.

I. The arrangement of the rostrum is exquisite.

An important part of this celebration is to commend the outstanding contributors of reform and opening up: 100 reform pioneers and 10 international friends. They were solemnly arranged to sit on the rostrum. The first row is Xi Jinping and his colleagues in the 19th CPPCB. The second and third rows are the honored ones, while the other leaders sit in the last row. After Wang Huning read out the award decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the on-site staff read the list one by one, and each person was given a separate shot, 110 people, which took nearly 20 minutes. It is highly respected.

2. Leaders of Xi Jinping Equality Party and the State turned to pay tribute to those who were honored.

There is a link in awarding prizes, that is, Young Pioneers present flowers to those who are honored, all of them stand up and applaud warmly. At this time, Xi Jinping led his colleagues of the 19th CPPCB to get up collectively and turned around to applaud and congratulate the recipients.

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Young Pioneers present flowers to the winners (Source:)

3. The Background Music of the Award Presentation uses The Story of Spring

When this song is played by the military Orchestra on the spot, I believe many people will be deeply moved. Unlike the Athletes March, which is commonly used in other awarding occasions, The Story of Spring sang across the Yangtze River in that year. It can be said that it is a representative track of reform and opening up, and its implication is very good.

Ah, China, you have taken a new step of vigorous mountains and rivers, into the renewed spring of Vientiane. Well, on this occasion, the effect is very good.

Four or seven old people and one blind person

In order to facilitate care, the conference specially arranged six elderly people sitting in wheelchairs and one blind person in a row. At the award presentation site, these reform pioneers were particularly touching.

They are He Zai (99 years old), Hu Fuming (83 years old), the representative of the great discussion on the standard of truth, Xie Gaohua (87 years old), Sun Jiadong (89 years old), the founder of human settlements environment science, and the product of economic system reform. Li Yining (88), a great advocate, and Zheng Zhengxuan (78), the main pioneer of the Hanzheng Street model in the small commodity market, are blind entrepreneurs.

Another old man is Tu Youyou (88 years old), an outstanding representative of TCM science and technology innovation. Guo Mingyi, also an excellent inheritor of Lei Feng Spirit, a pioneer of reform, helped Tu Youyou, 88 years old, to become Lei Feng again on the spot.