Exposure of Korean electric fan aunt before her death and cosmetic surgery is appalling

 Exposure of Korean electric fan aunt before her death and cosmetic surgery is appalling

Han Huijing was very beautiful when she was young.

Han Huijing before and after cosmetic surgery.

Netease Entertainment reported Dec. 18 that South Koreas Aunt Fan Han Huijing died on Dec. 15 at the age of 57, according to Taiwanese media. When she was young, she was almost disfigured because of excessive plastic surgery. She also injected salad oil into her face, which resulted in severe swelling and drooping of the whole face. She could not recognize her original appearance. Six years ago, a Japanese program performed 17 surgeries to save her disfigured face, which made the situation better.

Han Huijing was reported by Korean media that he died at home on the 15th. His family did not reveal the cause of his death. The funeral was also held in a low profile. He was 57 years old and ended his legendary life. Many South Korean programs produced special reports for her, and it was amazing to see her beautiful appearance before shaping, compared with the horrible appearance of her disfigured face after shaping.

Han Huijing used to be a singer and model. She had a bright appearance and developed in Japan when she was young. However, Amy was infatuated with plastic surgery and found a secret doctor to use a knife. To the point of addiction, the injection of silica gel made her face swell continuously. Finally, the secret doctor dared not continue to use the knife again and again. She refused to use the knife repeatedly. She did not give up her heart and bought silica gel injection in the black market herself. Later, there were still hallucinations. Even injections of salad oil caused almost disfigurement and horrible appearance of the face.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736