Kwon Kins Foreign Aid: The decline in China and beyond has been criticized by South Korea at home.

 Kwon Kins Foreign Aid: The decline in China and beyond has been criticized by South Korea at home.

Due to military service, Quan Jingyuan has decided to leave next year, but he has not confirmed where to go next. Earlier, it was reported that Quan Jing had planned to sign a contract for one year in Hyundai, and then went to Shangzhou to start military service. Regarding this, Quan Jingyuan said: At present, there is no complete agreement with the Chinese side, but it seems that at the moment of transfer, it is still uncertain whether to return to Korea to play football. If the Korean team needs me, of course I would like to go back.

At present, South Korean international Kim Min is expected to join Kwon Kim in the new season, Kwon said: There are very enthusiastic fans in China, the team atmosphere is very good. Jin Min has no problem adapting to Chinese culture and Chinese teammates. The competition in the Chinese Super League is fierce, but Jin Min is very strong. If you go to China, just pay attention to your diet.

In addition, Quan Jingyuan revealed that many Korean players, including himself, have declined in their own state after coming to the Chinese Super League. Their bad performance has also been criticized by the domestic public opinion in Korea, and they do not perform well when they calm down. In this regard, Quan Jingyuan hopes that Jin Min will avoid such criticism when he comes to China Super League.

In this summers World Cup in Russia, Quan Jingyuan was dropped from the South Korean teams list, but in the Asian Cup in January next year, Quan Jingyuan is very hopeful to go with the team. The past is gone, and I only focus on the opportunities ahead. Coach Bentos coaching style is my favorite style. Im looking forward to showing my strength. Kim Min is in charge of robbing, I am in charge of co-defense, we have been practicing in partnership, said Quan Jingyuan.

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